1099 It’s That Kid In Red

    Upon seeing that flying figure in red approach and draw near, that Golden Core peak-level cultivator's expression was serious. He then suddenly looked up and laughed out loud: "Hahahaha! It took no effort at all! That kid in red has come to us!"

    When they heard his words, the cultivators in the back rushed out and tried to block Feng Jiu's path.

    Feng Jiu who was flying from last night fleeing from the snakes chasing after her from behind would not have been able to last this long if she didn't have medicines to supplement her physical strength. Therefore, when she saw the group of cultivators appear in front of her, she was startled.

    They looked a little familiar!

    Was it the group of cultivators they met at the edge of the cliff?

    Once she remembered who they were and saw that they had knives in their hands staring at her viciously and murderously, she couldn't help but grin and waved happily at them. Whilst she ran towards them, she shouted loudly: "It's you! Hahaha! We have so much fate"

    The cultivators were startled when they saw the boy in red running towards them with excitement and a big grin on his face. They were puzzled. Does he not remember them? Has he forgotten their quarrel? Otherwise, why would he still run towards them with excitement when he saw them holding knives in their hands with murderous looks?


    Suddenly, the loud bang behind got the attention of the cultivators and they heard hissing sounds immediately. They froze for a moment, then looked behind the boy in red. Their faces paled when they saw what was behind him.

    "Bloody hell, what, what is that?"

    "So many snakes? What the hell did this kid do? How did he provoke so many snakes?"

    "Hiss! Quick run! The giant snake in front is a holy beast! If you don't run now you will become a snake's snack!"

    "Dammit! That kid has trapped us! He wants to kill us!"

    The cultivators sucked in a cold breath and cursed indignantly then turned around and ran away. No one cared about looking for Feng Jiu now. Even the Golden Core peak-level cultivator in charge was scared at this point. He glared angrily and resentfully at Feng Jiu, he clenched his teeth and shouted: "Kid! Don't come our way! You run far away! Further away from us!"

    However, Feng Jiu grinned and ran in their direction shouting: "Wait for me! Don't run too fast, wait for me!"

    The cultivators looked back and saw the young boy in red waving at them with a smile on his face as he ran towards them. About one hundred metres behind him was a large nest of poisonous snakes, they were large and small in size and of various colours.

    The most terrifying thing was the giant snake at the front. Just looking at the giant snake terrified them so much their goosebumps raised up. At that point, the cultivators were scolding Feng Jiu.

    "Damn it bastard! Don't follow us!"

    "Don't follow us, go away! Don't come near us!"

    "The flock of snakes are after you, don't lead them to us, go away, go away!"

    Their voices were full of panic and fear as the cultivators ran. Feng Jiu who was chasing behind them grinned and said in a loud voice: "I have to follow you, as long as I am with you I won't be afraid!"
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