1338 Take it easy

    When he came out, Feng Jiu's eyes flashed with admiration. So, this was what the beautiful man out of the bath looked like.

    His bare body was only covered with a loose bathrobe with a belt around his waist to properly cover the important parts of his body. The lower part of his body only showed strong and slender legs. She blinked at the sight of curly hairs on his legs. Moving upward, her eyes fell on his upper body that displayed his six-pack abdominal muscles.

    The glistening water trickled down the ends of his hair and glided on his chest. It looked more inviting than food. Looking up, the rolling throat, the resolute chin, the slightly pursed sexy thin lips, the beautiful and remarkable face, the deep and bottomless black eyes, all exuded the masculine charm of a mature man.

    "Come here." She settled herself at the head of the bed, patted the place beside her, and motioned to him to come over.

    At this, the tsundere yet shy man glanced at her and suppressed his expectant heart. He looked away with reddened ears and coughed softly. A muffled and hoarse voice came out from his mouth.

    "Well, that doesn't seem very good." As much as he wanted to, it wasn't good for her because they weren't married yet!

    "It won't. Come here!" She smiled with her eyes narrowed to a half-moon. "Quick, don't dilly dally."

    He glanced at her. "Are you serious?"

    "Certainly. Do you think I'm teasing you?" She raised her eyebrows and pasted a mischievous smile on her lips.


    He frowned, expectant and nervous. "For the first time, I don't have much experience. I'm afraid you will not be satisfied."

    "It doesn't matter. I'll make you satisfied." Resisting the urge to laugh, she hooked her fingers at him.

    His face flushed at this and he came forward stiffly, too nervous to believe what he was seeing. His mind was in a fog.

    He sat down stiffly at her side. For a moment, he had no idea what to do.

    "Lie down on the bed." She stood up, motioning to him.

    Seeing this, he didn't ask any more questions. He laid on the bed obediently with his back toward her. He wondered, what was she going to do? He looked slightly sideways at her and saw her climbing on the bed, turning to sit on his arm so that he felt the weight of her soft body...

    He felt the blood rush to his head. He rushed back to the pillow and closed his eyes, but the next moment he opened them again, because he found that he felt more alert after closing his eyes and his mind could not stop.

    Fine! This was a man's natural instinct. Even he, in front of his beloved woman, also couldn't resist her waves of temptation and teasing. It's already good that he did not have a nosebleed.

    Feng Jiu glanced at him with a smile and stretched out her hand to untie the belt of his bathrobe. With a pull, the bathrobe was untied and a certain person's body turned even stiffer.

    She laughed inwardly. The first time? Mm, she believed that his innocence was beyond the ordinary.

    Also, this guy was a bit addicted to cleanliness. She remembered that at that time in Nine Entrapment Woods, she accidentally kissed him and he fainted immediately.

    "Take it easy, your whole body is so stiff, as hard as a stone."

    She patted him on the back, then stripped half his bathrobe, revealing his sturdy back.
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