1103 Bamboo Orchid

    She came down from the tree and went to scoop some spirit water from the spring to water the tree. After telling Old White to pay attention to it, she went to see the Fire Phoenix. She thought it was strange that it still stayed there without any movement.

    "What took it so long this time? Is it about to breakthrough into adulthood?" With this possibility crossed her mind and after observing that there was no anomaly in Fire Phoenix's deep sleep cultivation, Feng Jiu flashed out of the space.

    Sitting by the spring, she reached out and played with the spring water. Her slender and lily-white fingers ran lightly over the water, causing some ripples to form. Shortly after, the water stilled.

    After playing for a while, her mind was refreshed. She got up and walked into the forest. She had been chased by the Snake King the whole day yesterday and was unable to find spirit herbs. She got delayed for too long. What's more, she did run very far.

    She was currently working on a medicinal pill and was short of two herbs. She planned to check if there was any in this forest, then went back to the cave to refine. She didn't intend to gain experience for herself in the Hell Mountains. Her objective was to train them. Once one year was up, she would go to the first-grade country.

    "Most Golden Lanterns grow in steep terrains. They are commonly found on the mountain walls but the Bamboo Orchids like humid places and should be found in this forest."

    She murmured softly while walking. In this area, there were no poisonous snakes chasing her, no murderous cultivators and no ferocious beasts. Therefore, she slowed down and searched carefully around for the Bamboo Orchid.

    Her space was not managed much. Most of what she planted inside were precious and rare spirit herbs. Those not considered rare were not grown there.

    Firstly, she originally thought that it would be convenient to buy as needed, and secondly, she couldn't take care of so many spirit herbs in the space. It's enough to plant only the rare ones. If she lacked other things, it's possible to get them by other means.

    But then, the way it turned out now, it took time to look for one or two kinds of spirit herbs. Fortunately, these two were not hard to find.

    After walking in the forest for around two hours, she found the Bamboo Orchid among the weeds under a big tree in a humid area. It was like the wildflower in the forest, with three small purple blossoms. Its roots were like bamboo's nodes and its few leaves drooped down. It's not too conspicuous among the weeds.

    People who didn't know would think that it was a wildflower. But a person skilled in medicine could see at a glance that it was a Bamboo Orchid, which could be used in several medicinal pills and had a very good effect.

    A good spirit herb must be complete, that's why she should be very careful when picking it. It was true especially for this kind of Bamboo Orchid, whose roots were very thin and deep into the soil. If the roots were torn carelessly, its medicinal power, as well as its efficacy, would be greatly reduced.

    Therefore, after finding this Bamboo Orchid, Feng Jiu squatted under the tree and dug slowly, picking away the soil bit by bit and carefully exposing each root.

    After the time it took a stick of incense to burn, the Bamboo Orchid was plucked out from the ground. She examined it on her hand, feeling very satisfied. "Not bad, this Bamboo Orchid is nearly a hundred years old. I think it will be very effective when used in medicine."

    With a smile, she took a long red box out of the space and placed the spirit herb carefully inside the box.
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