1104 Stinky Bra

    "Leave that Bamboo Orchid for me."

    A voice came suddenly, startling Feng Jiu. Looking up toward the sound, she saw a middle-aged man in his thirties. He was emaciated and his aura was gloomy. Following behind him were three Golden Core cultivators and one Nascent Soul early-stage cultivator.

    Feng Jiu had put the box away. Those people thought she was just putting it in her cosmos sack, nothing else. But this time, there was no doubt that they targeted the Bamboo Orchid.

    "That's what I picked. If you guys want it, can't you find it yourselves?" She raised her eyebrows. The Bamboo Orchid was not impossible to find. Was it worth attacking her?

    "Hand it over!" The Golden Core cultivator at the back shouted loudly. He glared at Feng Jiu with animosity.

    Feng Jiu's lips curved. She glanced at the Golden Core cultivator. "If you give me the cosmos sack at your waist, I can consider it and give you the bamboo orchid."

    Wanting to get her stuff for nothing? Was there such a good thing?

    "You're courting death!"

    He struck out at her without a word. That Golden Core cultivator who shouted harshly earlier intended to test Feng Jiu's strength. After all, they thought that those who could enter this place were not a pushover that's easy to pinch.

    To their surprise, however, the young man in red who seemed fearless earlier let out a cry of alarm just as the cultivator was about to act.

    "Ah! Murderer! Robber!"

    The boy fled, but ran towards them and pushed his way past them. They didn't have time to stop him until he escaped a hundred meters away.

    "Damn it! He took our cosmos sack!"

    The Nascent Soul cultivator cursed. He was the first one to turn around and chase after Feng Jiu. The people behind looked down after being reminded by the Nascent Soul cultivator and their faces turned glum.

    The cosmos sacks at their waists disappeared. When they thought of the treasures inside the bags, they gritted their teeth and quickly chased the young man in red.

    Initially, they had intended to rob the young man in red of the Bamboo Orchid which he had picked. After all, lootings were very common here. There were no moral constraints, only strength mattered. Those who were strong could rob and even kill others.

    This point had been a default here. Even those from influential and noble families would also form a team. Firstly, it was to prevent being targeted and secondly, to have the strength to fight when they found good things.

    However, they didn't expect that the boy in red that they had targeted earlier actually dared to grab their cosmos sack.

    When they thought of their bags getting robbed by a boy in red, under the age of 20, they were even more eager to kill.

    That stinky brat, he'd better pray they couldn't catch him!

    Feng Jiu, who ran after getting those men's cosmos sacks, smiled with her eyes narrowed. She didn't look inside the bag and immediately ran, letting the men behind chase her.

    Hmph! Want to rob her? She'll rob them first! See if they still dared to make his idea.

    "Stop! Stinky brat, stop right there!"

    The Nascent Soul cultivator behind cursed furiously. His grim face was overcast with murderous intent. He thought that he would catch up after a few breaths, but he couldn't close the distance.
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