1105 Infuriated

    Feng Jiu glided over with ease. Her steps changed to a strange pattern. In a second, the distance between her and her pursuers grew wider. She looked back and smiled when she heard angry roars from behind.

    "Don't you want to rob my spirit herb? Stop me if you can! "

    Hearing this, those few people close in pursuit almost spat blood out in anger. It was true that they were trying to rob his spirit herb. But, who would have thought he'd end up robbing them instead? That brat, yelling that he was robbed while running all the way.

    Obviously, he was the one who had robbed them of their cosmos sacks, but he made it as if they had robbed him. They were truly infuriated.

    What made them most indignant was they had no idea what kind of footwork this young man learned. Her speed was too fast for them to catch up. At this time, they did not think of another possibility, which was that the young man had an unfathomable strength. On the contrary, all they could think about was, who didn't have one or two life-saving skills or treasures? Otherwise, who would dare enter the Hell Mountains so rashly?

    "Stop! Stop right there!"

    "Leave the things there, I promise not to kill you!"

    When she heard this, Feng Jiu turned around and started laughing. She shouted at them, "Only a fool will stop! You'd better leave that word to deceive the ghosts! "

    Could she trust that? What a joke. Even if she could believe them, it was not so easy to obtain and besides, these people were so obvious in their intent to kill her. She had done well not to directly use secret moves against them.

    A group of evil cultivators in this area who specialized in plundering other people's treasures stopped and looked around when they heard the sounds echoing through the forest.

    "There's movement. Find out which direction it is from."

    As the leader spoke, he motioned to his men to search since they could vaguely hear the voice here but they couldn't make out which way it came from.

    "Yes." Several evil cultivators, his followers, responded. After a quick sweep of tens of meters, they laid down on the ground in four directions, listening for movement. The sound of movement was clearer to listen to on the ground compared to the reverberating sound inside the forest.

    After some time passed, those few people came back quickly and reported. "Boss, there are people running this way from the southwest. Some people should be chasing to kill and rob treasures, but we can hear the footsteps of only several people."

    "Only a few of them?" The evil cultivators' leader's eyes flashed with greed. "Then, we'll wait for them in the middle of the road. Kill the people, take their treasures and divide them among the brothers!"


    On hearing this, those thirty or so evil cultivators responded excitedly. Under the leadership of their Boss, they went in that direction, intending to besiege those people.

    Not far from here, the Nascent Soul cultivator had chased Feng Jiu for a long time, yet he had not caught up with her. He almost exploded with anger. His killing intent and Nascent Soul's pressure were spreading everywhere. He wished he could wring the neck of the youth in red in front.

    What's more detestable to him was that he, a magnificent Nascent Soul cultivator, couldn't catch up with a little brat in red!

    At the back, the three Golden Core peak-stage cultivators were similarly enraged and murderous. The three of them had to chase along with the thinner middle-aged man because that man was a famous alchemist. He could refine pills, but his speed and fighting ability were out of the question.

    The Nascent Soul cultivator roared, "Boy in red, let me catch you. I'll surely cut the flesh off your body!"
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