1340 Making amends

    After about an hour or so, he laid down on the bed. He took a deep breath and spoke slowly to the woman who had jumped out of bed, "Next time you want to give me a massage, just say it!"

    Feng Jiu chuckled. "I didn't say anything different. It's you who had the wrong idea."

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze was embarrassed. He closed his eyes and didn't look at her again, but muttered in his heart: speaking so ambiguously, how couldn't he get the wrong idea?

    "Well, it's late. I must go back and have a rest." She walked out with her eyes full of smiles. "if it wasn't for seeing you carry me back, I won't give you a massage. Your body is as hard as a stone and my hands are too sore."

    When she opened the door, she saw Gray Wolf and Shadow One standing outside the room. When they saw her coming out, they stepped back quickly.

    She glanced at them. "What have you two been whispering about here?"

    "Hey hey, nothing. We were just wondering what you two were doing in there?" Gray Wolf smiled sheepishly, he couldn't refrain from asking.

    Feng Jiu's lips curved up, revealing a cunning smile. She whispered, "Your Lord is inside. You'll know if you go in and have a look." With these words, she passed the two men and went to her room.

    Watching her return to her room, Gray Wolf glanced at his Lord's room and took a curious step inside. Shadow One pulled him back.

    "Do you really want to go in?" Shadow One took a look at him. "Ghost Doctor is tricking you! How many times have you said you've fallen into her hands? Why can't you be smarter?"

    "It seems nothing happened with them, so I'll go in and see the Lord." Gray Wolf spoke as a matter of course. He poked his head inside and called out. "My Lord? My... "

    "Go away!"

    A fierce shout came with a mighty pressure, making the two startled and withdrew.

    Gray Wolf scratched his head and spoke in some doubt. "Is it possible that my Lord has been repressed for too long? You see, he's not very good-natured either. It's kind of like asking for everything."

    Shadow One went out and paid no attention to him. With Gray Wolf, he had his share of bad luck, but it was better to be at a distance.

    Inside the room, Xuanyuan Mo Ze thought earlier that he would not be able to sleep. Unexpectedly, after receiving Feng Jiu's massage, his whole body felt very comfortable, especially his muscles and bones. He felt sleepy and immediately fell asleep...

    The next morning, Yang Yong personally brought breakfast to the main courtyard. After arranging breakfast and having the servants add several small side dishes, he saw two men on a big tree in the main courtyard.

    Shadow One seemed to be sleeping with his hands wrapped around his sword on his chest, while Gray Wolf snored as he sat on a tree trunk.

    Seeing this, he looked at Shadow One. "Did they go to bed very late last night?"

    "I don't know." Shadow One shook his head. "Ghost Doctor went back to her own room early, but the Lord didn't ask us to go in, so I had no idea."

    Hearing this, Yang Yong's expression changed. He opened his mouth to say something, then the door opened and Xuanyuan Mo Ze stepped out wearing a black robe.

    "What's the matter?" He asked Yang Yong and glanced at the food at the table.

    "Subordinate is here to make amends." As he said, he knelt down on one knee. "My Lord, please give punishment." Had it not been for his over-indulged Third Brother, these troubles wouldn't happen. Thinking that he even wanted to attack His Lord and Ghost Doctor, he burst into a cold sweat.
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