1108 Terrifying

    She pricked up her ears, listening attentively. However, besides the rustlin, some hissing also reached her ears. There were so many sounds, not just one or two, but...

    She was startled. When she released her divine sense, she saw that some of the ferocious beasts in the surrounding area were running as if they were escaping from something, going deep into the forest.

    The leaves in the forest were swaying without the wind blowing as if something was moving away. She explored with her divine consciousness and could only gape.

    "No way? They found me, do they have dog noses?"

    The forest was densely packed with snakes both big and small, poisonous snakes of all colours. Some wrapped around the branches, some slithered on the ground. All of them, as if of one accord, rushed toward her.

    Behind these little snakes, the Serpent King she was familiar with, seemed to have undergone a transformation. For some unknown reason, there was a large bump on its head that emitted a faint red glow. It was terrifying.

    To her surprise, it unexpectedly leapt from the early stage of the saint beast to the peak stage. No wonder its body had more than doubled in size.

    It wasn't just her who noticed the snakes' hissing, the evil cultivators who were searching for her below as well the few cultivators who continued following behind and unwilling to leave also heard the same sounds.

    The few cultivators fell behind the evil cultivators, so they found the snakes earlier. When they saw poisonous snakes suddenly pouring out in the forest, they were very frightened. The alchemist took out Realgar in a hurry and sprinkled it in all directions. Unexpectedly, some of the snakes were blocked, while some others continued to rush forward without fear of Realgar.

    This seemed to enrage the snakes even more. They hissed and their fierce and bloodthirsty eyes were staring at those few people. As their bodies shrank, they suddenly sprang up with their mouth open and bit them all.


    The alchemist was startled and hid behind the Golden Core cultivators quickly. The Golden Core cultivators cut them down with the sword, but his expression changed when he saw that it flew out toward the snakes yet was unable to chop them off.

    "These are iron silver snakes! They're vipers with metal attributes, no weapons could puncture them! Hiss! There's a huge snake behind! It's bad! Run away! " The Golden Core cultivator screamed and led the alchemist speedily toward the evil cultivators.

    The Nascent Soul cultivator and the other two Golden Core cultivators were somewhat unconvinced. They stepped forward and waved several fierce air currents towards the snakes. However, when they saw that their attacks had no destructive power and the snakes were still rushing at them, their faces changed greatly. They swept quickly toward the front.

    "Run away quickly!"

    The evil cultivators laughed loudly at this. "Cowards! You got scared off by several snakes? Absolutely useless."

    However, immediately, they saw the cultivators swept by at a lightning speed. Instead of stopping them, they stared at the snakes on the ground behind them. However, the more they looked, the more they found something was not quite right.

    They were dumbstruck at the sheer quantity of the snakes. They were not only on the ground but also on the trees.

    "Damn it! How come there are so many snakes?"

    They cursed and quickly turned around and ran forward. Unexpectedly, when they did so, they saw the figure in red appear before them and the few cultivators.

    "Look! That's the horrid brat!"

    "Get him! Damn it!"

    The people behind were cursing. However, in the midst of these curses as well as the hissing of the swarm of snakes, the thumping sounds of a gigantic being echoed faintly...
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