1112 Thinking of a solution

    Since this happened high up in the air, some cultivators in the forest were able to watch what happened. Initially, they thought that the young man in red, besieged by many cultivators, would die. Who would have thought...

    More than a dozen people died in quick succession. Even the three remaining Golden Core cultivators were covered with bruises. Their grey robes were stained with blood. Even though they were separated by some distance, they could see the bloody scene clearly.

    But within a few breaths, one of the three Golden Core cultivators was pushed backwards with a muffled grunt. He was struck down by the red silk rope and hit the earth with a deafening sound.

    Seeing this scene, the spectators couldn't help but secretly rejoiced that they had not been greedy. Otherwise, they would end up like those loose cultivators.

    After killing the remaining two Golden Core cultivators, the young man in red stood mid-air, sweeping her gaze around. The cultivators at many locations below were paralyzed with fear.

    Even some clans with Nascent Soul cultivators as their guards had been warned not to provoke this person.

    When she reached the next area, Feng Jiu didn't meet any more troubles. Even the beasts automatically moved away at her sight because she released a trace of ancient pressure. The ferocious beasts below naturally didn't dare to come near her.

    However, when she came into contact with the Serpent King, it probably went crazy because she had robbed the spirit fruit tree. Even though she had the ancient pressure, it pursued her like mad.

    Thinking of the Serpent King, she thought of the spirit fruit tree. She had no idea, what on earth the spirit fruits were for?

    At the same time, Duan Ye's group of four was divided into two teams to gain experience in the forest near the boundary. Although they were still at the Foundation Building, their fighting strength was not weak. In addition, there were two of them fighting together, so they had collected a lot of beast crystals over the past two days.

    However, Feng Jiu gave them the task to obtain not less than 100 beast crystals in ten days. However, they only reaped about ten of them in two days. It was very difficult to get more than a hundred in ten days.

    Song Ming and Ning Lang gasped for breath after killing several ferocious beasts. They sat under the tree while catching their breath.

    "What are we to do? This is not enough! We got only about ten beast crystals in two days. If we divide them up, each of us will receive less than ten. " Ning Lang said with a bitter expression.

    Song Ming thought for a moment. "These beast crystals won't be enough if we do it this way. How about this..."

    "Like this? Will it work? There are only two of us, and we're not very strong." Ning Lang spoke with some hesitation.

    "Why not? There are many robberies here. All we have to do is to rob those cultivators who are alone. They must have beast crystals on their bodies."

    "But, Feng Jiu told us to get the beast crystals directly from the beasts. He also wanted to improve our fighting strengths. Robbing people won't be the best way to do this, right?" He hesitated a little. His family was well-off and he had never done such a thing.

    Song Ming tapped his shoulder. "You have to fight when robbing others! Do you think that robbing needs no battle skills? Some of those cultivators are stronger than us. Robbing those loose or evil cultivators will surely nab more beast crystals. Moreover, there may be other treasures. Are you sure you don't want to? "

    He told this with a wink and a smile on his face. Deep down, he knew that Ning Lang would definitely agree with him.
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