1113 Cloud Devouring Beast looking up at the sky

    As expected, Ning Lang's heart was stirred. After pondering, he nodded. "Alright! I agree! We can do what you said, but we have to make a plan for the robbery. We shouldn't just act but also use our brains. "

    "Well, what do you think we should do?" Song Ming looked at him and asked.

    "That, of course, depends on whom we're trying to rob. Besides, since it's a robbery, I think we'll both have to put on some disguises or we'll be in trouble if we get recognized."

    As he spoke, he took something out of the space. "I have a lot of things here, as well as old clothes. We'll change into them later. Here are fake beards, ghost masks and black cloaks."

    "Where did you get all this stuff?" Song Ming looked at him strangely.

    "I used them to play tricks on people. I kept them all the time. Here you are. We'll find the target as soon as we're ready. But, not too far away, or it would get too dangerous."

    Song Ming smiled at this. "Come on, you're already worried even before starting. OK, there's no need to change your clothes. Put on the black cloak and the ghost mask. With this disguise, even Duan Ye's team won't be able to recognize us."

    While conversing, the two quickly changed their clothes and put on the disguise. Then they went to the forest to find a target to start with.

    Cloud Devouring Beast stood on a tree. Its snow-white body was covered by the tree's luxuriant leaves. It watched the two people go to the forest and paused for a moment. Then it changed its direction and swept toward Duan Ye and Luo Fei's side.

    It found Duan Ye and Luo Fei and crouched in a place not far away. They were fighting with several evil cultivators in the forest. Duan Ye's fighting strength was one of the best among them. Luo Fei had many crafty ideas. The two joined hands and soon killed the evil cultivators. When they left, they burned the bodies with the torch and destroyed the remains.

    It followed them from behind. When it saw them going a little further at the front, it looked to the left and right. Seeing no one, it took out the spoils of war while clearing the place out.

    "Wow! These evil cultivators had a lot of stuff! Look, counting the beast crystals alone, we get more than 200 pieces from them. This shows that they robbed a lot of people."

    Luo Fei looked excited. "It's a hundred minimum in ten days. I think Ning Lang's group definitely won't have as many crystals as ours. We'll see how much they come up with and offer a little more than them. Anyway, as long as we beat them, their crystals are ours. As for the rest of the crystals, hey, save it for next time, so we can beat them every time."

    Duan Ye glanced at him. "Then, you know for sure whether they don't have as many beast crystals as we do? Perhaps they have quite a few, too. "

    "How is that possible? They definitely won't."

    Luo Fei was very confident. "You see, we only have so many in two days. Unless they have the same idea of robbing others like us, they can't catch up with us just by killing ferocious beasts."

    Crouching not far away, the Cloud Devouring Beast heard what they said and looked up at the sky. No wonder Mistress said that Luo Fei had the most crafty ideas. In two days, they had more than 200 beast crystals. Ning Lang's group really couldn't catch up. But in the end, who knew whether there would be a reversal?
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