1114 The ten-day period

    In the evening, when Cloud Devouring Beast saw its mistress flying over the sky on the Rainbow-coloured Glazed Feather, it held its tail up high with happiness.

    Its mistress was back.

    Feng Jiu arrived at the location where the boundary was. Seeing there was no one there, she returned to the cave-dwelling to rest. She planned to refine the medicinal pill tomorrow after some rest. However, just as she was about to rest, Cloud Devouring Beast came running in.


    "Why are you here? Aren't you supposed to follow them?" Feng Jiu asked Cloud Devouring Beast.

    "When I saw Mistress coming back, I returned at once to tell you about their activities these past two days." Cloud Devouring Beast jumped to her side and reported the two teams' situation.

    A good while later, after listening to Cloud Devouring Beast's story, Feng Jiu laughed. "It's only been two days. We have no idea who'll win or lose! Although Ning Lang and Song Ming are not Luo Fei's rivals in regard to their thinking prowess, they have their strong points. As long as those strengths are displayed and used well, I believe that the result will keep us in suspense. "

    "Alright, go ahead and keep an eye on them! As long as their lives are not in danger, you don't need to help. If it's something you can't solve, come back to me! " She motioned Cloud Devouring Beast to withdraw.

    After responding, it left the boundary and hurried to Ning Lang's team. Its mistress had put a medicine on the two teams so that it could find them as long as it searched for the medicine's smell.

    As for the medicine, only Cloud Devouring Beast and its mistress could smell it. The few of them didn't even realize that Feng Jiu had placed something on their bodies.

    As Feng Jiu expected, Ning Lang and Song Ming earned a lot in the next few days. In addition to killing ferocious animals, they also fought against evil cultivators and loose cultivators in the forest. When they met evil cultivators, they would kill them whenever possible. As for loose cultivators, they only took their things and not their lives.

    The ten-day deadline passed quickly. On the morning of the tenth day, the four men, looking dog-tired, dragged their legs toward the boundary. Once inside, they collapsed on the ground and took rest there.

    Inside the boundary, they could rest without fearing danger. But outside, they could not. Even if there seemed to be no danger around them, they didn't dare to relax without any precautions.

    Cloud Devouring Beast also followed them. Seeing the four men lying on the ground, it went inside the cave-dwelling to inform Feng Jiu.

    Not long after, Feng Jiu came out of the cave wearing her red robe. When she saw their appearance, she couldn't help but raised her eyebrows. "Are you all here? Now that you're back, take out what you've got these past ten days! "

    As soon as they heard this, the four men jumped up from the ground while thinking quickly at once. They took a quick look at each other and spoke simultaneously, "You guys take your stuff out first."

    Feng Jiu glanced at them. "Each one takes his stuff. Turn back and report your numbers. In addition, after your stuff is taken out and being compared, you can't take out more even if you still have some on hand."

    Her meaning was very simple, that is, you could take out as much as you wanted. But once it was taken out, even if it was less than the other party, you could no longer take it out even when there were some inside the space.

    So, this was a test for them. So, would they want to take everything out and win or save some and stay at the bottom?

    For a time, several of them turned silent because of Feng Jiu's words and turned aside to discuss. She couldn't help laughing and shaking her head.
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