1116 Delicacies as punishmen

    Both sides handed over half of their beast crystals to Feng Jiu. After taking them in, Feng Jiu moved her gaze past Song Ming and Ning Lang toward Duan Ye and Luo Fei. With a strange smile on her face, she told them "So, next is the punishment."

    As soon as the four men heard this, Ning Lang and Song Ming looked at each other with anticipation. They wanted to know how Feng Jiu would punish the losers. The punishment changed from one person to a group. In other words, what was originally only one person's suffering losses had become two persons shouldering them together.

    As winners, they had nothing to fear. However, those on the losing side, Duan Ye and Luo Fei, were scared. What kind of punishment would they get, making them do hard labours or something else?

    Seeing Feng Jiu's smile, the two were somewhat uneasy. They had butterflies in their stomachs, feeling an ill omen.

    Just then, Feng Jiu's lips curved up. Smiling, she took out a rectangular box from the space with one hand and gave it to them. "Eating everything inside is your punishment."

    "Wha, what? Just eating?" The two were dumbfounded. What kind of punishment was eating? However, the premonition was getting stronger and stronger.

    According to Feng Jiu's methods, would she give them good things to eat?

    "Open the box. Let's see what are the good things inside." Ning Lang hastened to one side, looking curious. In fact, he also felt that it could not be a good thing. Since it was not a good thing, what would it be?

    "Take it!"

    Feng Jiu passed it to them with a smile. "This is what I get for you before dawn this morning."

    The two had no choice but to take it. When they opened it and took a look, they were so scared that the box was almost thrown to the ground.

    "Bug, bug, bug...these are bugs!"

    Even Song Ming and Ning Lang, standing next to them, were startled. They stared at the box containing big white bugs the size of their fingers.

    "Are these, are these edible? So disgusting."

    Song Ming and Ning Lang couldn't help but look at Duan Ye and Luo Fei with sympathy. In their opinion, if these two could really swallow this stuff down, their mental resilience was very strong. They both felt sick and nauseous just seeing the big white bugs wriggling inside the box.

    Just so you know, they were all born into aristocratic and noble families. Which meal was not a delicacy? Telling them to eat these? It's horrible.

    "Eat! Don't worry, they're not poisonous. On the contrary, this kind of big white bug has a lot of nutrition. " She smiled. "The losers must be punished. I said earlier, come on! Don't thank me. We're not going to snatch them from you. "

    "Is, is this edible? I haven't seen anything this disgusting since I grew up... " Luo Fei's face was pale. He took a step behind with defiance written all over his face.

    "Don't worry, these are edible. It's just their appearance isn't so appetizing. Come on, I'll show you how to eat." She stepped forward and made a gesture. She picked up a big white bug in her hand. "Pluck the bug's head and tail off, eat only its middle section. Come, open your mouth and taste it." She delivered the juicy big white bug kindly to Luo Fei's mouth and motioned for him to open his mouth.

    Luo Fei looked mournfully at the white bug which was flowing with some milky juice. His heart was filled with remorse!

    If he had known that he would lose, if he had known that he would have to eat this disgusting white bug, he would not have kept the beast crystals.
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