1117 Do you really want to eat?

    Left without any choice, Luo Fei could only grit his teeth at the thing delivered into his mouth. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth to eat.

    Seeing him really eating the bug, Ning Lang and Song Ming opened their eyes wide. Odd and incredulous expressions emerged on their faces. Especially, when they saw him eat with his eyes closed first, his face scrunched up like a ball, then his eyes opened up and chewed the bug with gusto. The two men asked: "Is it tasty?"

    Why did he keep munching? Was it like a chewy pork intestine?

    "It's tasty. The taste is amazing. I haven't eaten anything so delicious. Come on, let me help you." His previous repulsive look was gone, he plucked the bug's head and tail off and sent one to Duan Ye.

    Duan Ye looked at his manner of eating and then at the thing he was holding. His baby-face was pale. Did he really have to eat this stuff?

    When he looked at Feng Jiu, he saw her watching with arms folded across her chest, smiling with narrowed eyes. He knew that he couldn't avoid this and could only grit his teeth and eat the bug. He took it into his mouth and swallowed it directly. Unlike Luo Fei, he chewed it slowly in his mouth.

    Duan Ye grinned. "What's it like? Isn't it delicious?" While speaking, he picked another one and put it directly into his mouth and chewed it up again. After eating, he was unceasing with his praises.

    It made both Ning Lang and Song Ming curious. Was the thing really delicious?

    The two men noticed Duan Ye's baby-face was serious, without a hint of frown or bitterness. He didn't chew it the way Luo Fei did but swallowed it directly.

    Seeing them staring straight at him, Duan Ye's expression told them resolutely. "It's delicious."

    "It's really delicious?" They were stunned. It was so unthinkable to them.

    "Mm, it's really tasty." Duan Ye nodded again.

    "Don't stare at our stuff, we won't let you taste them. " Luo Fei moved the box into his arms and held it, looking like he's guarding it against the two of them.

    At the sight, their hearts that were originally sceptical were stirred. Were those really tasty? Should they also try to taste one?

    "Well, would you like to give us one? Let us just try it." Ning Lang grinned and asked tentatively.

    "Don't think about it, don't you see there are only ten? It's not enough for ourselves. Feng Jiu said that this is a tonic, which is not cheap for you." Luo Fei protected the box in his arms.

    Song Ming's eyes brightened. "Let's try one. We'll take one out of your share." He was not interested in it at first and even felt disgusted. It was apparent that they enjoyed the bug so much. There were only ten in one box earlier and only a few left now, so they were all in a hurry.

    Duan Ye's baby-face was expressionless looking at the other two. With just a glance at them, he stretched out a hand to pick one bug up and pluck its head and tail off, then put it in his mouth and swallowed it directly.

    Luo Fei frowned. He looked at them and asked, "Do you really want to eat them?"

    "Mm, we want to. Is it really as delicious as you said?" The two men grinned and stared at the remaining two big white bugs.

    Seeing this, Feng Jiu sighed inwardly and shook her head to herself. She couldn't watch it any longer and turned back to her cave-dwelling.

    These two fools were considered shrewd. But, compared to the most cunning and sly-as-fox Luo Fei, they were still wet behind the ears.
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