1122 Too Reckless

    Looking at the two of them disguised as girls, she couldn't help but be curious, where did they get the women's clothes from?

    She sat up on the tree and watched. After the two of them had finished disguising themselves as girls, Song Ming messed up his clothes and revealed his skin. Ning Lang copied him and tugged his clothes. However, he had pulled too hard, and the clothes that were a little tight to begin with ripped, revealing his white little belly.

    Upon seeing this, she rubbed her forehead. They were too reckless.

    However, the next moment, she saw them running forwards in a panic with Duan Ye and Lou Fei chasing after them from behind with swords.

    "Ah! Help..."

    The two of them shrieked in high pitched voices calling for help as they ran forward. Two people running with two people chasing. The evil cultivators' attention turned towards the people who were running over.

    Of course, when they saw two fifteen year old girls being chased by two teenage boys, they grinned and stared at the two young girls in their torn garments.

    From what they could tell, these men weren't afraid of killing and inflicting pain. When they saw the few people who had just appeared, they decided they weren't going to let them go, after all, they were people. An idea formed in their heads.

    As for that family, when they first saw those people, they thought that they had come to rescue them. But when they saw their ages and clothing, they realised they were overthinking things.

    However, what happened next stunned them and their eyes widened in surprise.

    The young fat girl who was crying for help, running towards them with her white belly showing, actually threw a big silver net with a wave of her hand. The big net fell from above over those evil cultivators who had retreated to a side when they saw the appearance of those teenagers, and they were covered in the giant net.

    "Get them!"

    The young fat girl's voice was loud and clear, and they saw the giant silver net that had covered the evil cultivators close up. At the same time, as the evil cultivators exclaimed, the other girl took something out and sprinkled it over the men captured in the giant net.

    "Hiss, hiss!"


    Whatever that powder was caused sparks to burst out, and when it landed on those evil cultivators, they screamed. Their eyes were burnt by the sparks and they were unable to open their eyes. At that moment, Duan Ye and Ning Lang caught up from behind and helped.

    A burst of flame shot out and ignited the evil cultivators in the giant net. They saw the flame on their bodies as they tried to escape, but they weren't able to cut through the silver net. With the flames on their bodies, they ran out of time to try to escape and were busy patting the flames on their bodies instead.

    "Damn! Where did this stupid kid come from?"

    Amongst the group of evil cultivators were two Golden Core Early-Stage cultivators, one Golden Core Late-Stage cultivators and two Foundation Formation Stage cultivators.

    At this time, they watched the evil cultivators in the giant net as they screamed and held up their swords angrily as they tried to lift up the giant silver net. However the net seemed to weigh a thousand catties and they could not get out.

    Duan Ye and Lou Fei charged towards those evil cultivators, killing intent shot out, their fierce moves and sharp skills were shocking. They had learnt the fastest method of killing and on top of their two months of training, they didn't fear those people.

    However, the level of strength of those people had them a little worried initially, Golden Core Peak Stage cultivator. If those evil cultivators wanted to kill them, it would be as easy as killing an ant.
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