1124 All Injured

    "Flaming Lion! Come out!"

    Duan Ye shouted and a gleam of light burst out of his body letting out a loud roar and rushed towards that Golden Core evil cultivator.


    The sudden loud roar made everyone's ear drums hurt. At the same time the loud roar sounded, a burst of flames sprung out.

    The Golden Core Stage cultivator who had stepped forwards was shocked. By the time he had wanted to retreat, it was too late because his blow was deadly so the force behind it was strong. Even if he wanted to take back that blow, he wouldn't be able to.

    As he rushed towards the ball of flame in front of him, he could only roll sideways to try to avoid the rolling ball of flame and the holy beast that burst out

    But who knew, just as he rolled down onto the ground, a loud, sharp whoosh like a blade flashed past his ears. He took a closer look but only just had enough time to see a young boy lunge at him with a dagger. The young boy slammed into him and plunged the dagger deep into his chest.


    He spat out the blood that pooled in his mouth and stared incredulously. His body stiffened at that moment, unable to believe that he was actually being killed by a teenager!

    "You want to kill me? Hmph! I'll send you to die first!" Luo Fei shouted in a low voice. He plunged the dagger deeper into the Golden Core Stage cultivator's chest, twisting it viciously. His bloodthirsty expression made one feel awkward.


    Shrill cries drifted over from the other side. Ning Lang had grabbed the leg of one of the other evil cultivators and threw him to the ground.

    Even though the ground was covered in sand, the force of the body hitting the ground made one feel terrified just hearing the sound. The sound of broken bones was crisp and clear, it was hard to ignore.

    Upon seeing the ruthless methods of the young boys, their fighting skills and power beyond that of ordinary people, that family were in awe. They were especially surprised when they saw that the young boys had many magic weapons in their possession.

    Nearby, Feng Jiu was watching the scene as it enfolded, with Cloud Devouring Beast in her arms. She saw Song Ming get punched by one of the Golden Core Mid-Stage cultivators and spat blood out of his mouth, his shoulder was also slashed by a sword. Ning Lang's face was grazed by a sword and a trace of blood oozed out. He lay there screaming like a pig being slaughtered.

    "Ah! My face! Are you trying to disfigure me? Stab my body if you dare! Why the hell did you hurt my face! Ah! I'm going to have it out with you!"


    There was a light groan as Duan Ye was attacked by two Golden Core Mid-stage evil cultivators and stabbed in the abdomen. Although they didn't seem to have injured any main organs, it made him choke and his combat strength decreased rapidly, his pace retreating backwards.

    "Look out, behind you!"

    The warning was a few moments too late and Luo Fei's arm was also slashed with a sword. The wound was so deep that the bone was visible and blood was gushing out.

    Upon seeing them all injured quite badly, Cloud Devouring Beast raised its head and looked up at Feng Jiu then lay back down in her arms.

    If it could see that they were injured, then naturally Master could also see that. Since its Master didn't intend to intervene, then it would just sit and watch!

    "Kill! Kill them all!"

    With their lives in danger and the breath of death enveloping their potential fighting power, their fighting power was stimulated. At the same time Duan Ye threw out his Eight-Star Flying Wheel, a fireball formed between his hands.
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