1125 Death Blow

    "Hoo! Boom!"


    The fireball roared out suddenly towards the Golden Core evil cultivator and landed on his body, then exploded again, making a boom sound.

    When the sparks of the fireball burst out, blood-curdling screams could be heard echoing through the forest....

    Upon seeing the scene before them, that family were slightly surprised and also shocked, their minds were all over the place. However, they wanted to continue looking. They wanted to see how those few people would fight and kill those evil cultivators. However, they couldn't resist the effects of the medicine and they felt their eyelids getting heavier and heavier, until they finally closed and they lost consciousness one by one.

    "Wind blade! Kill!"

    Song Ming's expression became frosty, his handsome face was cold, a rare sight. He threw the sword in his hand and his hands formed a complex marking. A stream of airflow rushed out from his body and he controlled the sword in mid-air with his mind.

    "Swish, swish, swish!"

    The sword was instantly divided into eight swords. With a loud swish, the sword array rushed towards the Golden Core demonic cultivator, the eight swords besieged him at the same time. The attack was like a hornets' nest attack, no matter how capable that Golden Core evil cultivator was, at this point he would not have been able to stop himself from being killed.

    "Sss! Ah!"

    Ning Lang and Luo Fei watched the two of them kill the rest of the evil cultivators in a short while and exhaled lightly. They had secret family methods if the two of them couldn't manage. They had attributes that could be used to fight as well.

    By the looks of things, their help wasn't needed. All that mattered was that the danger was eradicated.

    After the two of them exhaled lightly and returned their spiritual energy to their bodies, Ning Lang who was only lightly injured, ran up to support Duan Ye who was injured in his abdomen: "How are you? Come here, sit down first."

    After helping him sit down, Ning Lang took out some medicine to help him treat and bandage his wound. When he saw the blood oozing out from his abdomen, he couldn't help but be shocked: "You're hurt so bad?" He was about to apply some medicine when he heard a voice.

    "Let me do it!"

    Feng Jiu walked over, Cloud Devouring Beast followed her side closely and they came to Duan Ye's side. She squatted down to inspect his injuries and said to Ning Lang: "You go and take a look at the others' injuries and help them bandage their wounds."


    Ning Lang only walked away with worry because it was her. He helped Song Ming and Luo Fei walk over before he tended to their wounds. All the while he chatted to them: "Look, this is the consequence of not adjusting the treasures properly. Your family is quite big and you're quite wealthy. Why didn't you make a safety vest like me? At least this way, when you're duelling against other people, you won't get injured too badly!"

    Upon hearing his words, the three of them rolled their eyes. Did he think that was the kind of object that one could get their hands on just because they wanted one? The life-saving magic weapons like this are generally unavailable. If money could buy it, the streets would be filled with them.

    After Feng Jiu inspected Duan Ye's wound on his abdomen, she said: "The wound is quite deep, but thankfully it's not life threatening. After I've applied medicine on your wound, don't fight with anyone until you've fully recovered in case the wound ruptures and you get and infection, then it will become more severe."

    While she spoke, she cleaned his wound and sprinkled medicine on it. After she had bandaged his wound, she noticed that his face was pale and there were beads of sweat on his forehead. She couldn't help but let out a sigh and shook her head, then she took out a medicine pill and passed it to him.

    "Eat it!"
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