1126 Thank You For Saving Us

    Upon seeing this, Duan Ye took the medicine pill and swallowed it: "Thank you."

    "Feng Jiu, what is that good thing? I want it too." Ning Lang said as he helped the other two over. He went over and blinked at the idle person dressed in red.

    They all had wounds on them and they have all lost bled from those wounds. She however, had been the same since they had entered this place. She had no injuries on her body and her clothes were as clean as they had been before. They couldn't compare to her at all.

    The rest of them heard Ning Lang's words and saw him looking at Feng Jiu like a puppy trying to win a favour, they couldn't help but twitch their mouths.

    Feng Jiu glanced at him and asked: "You want one?"

    "Yes, I want one." Ning Lang grinned and nodded.

    "If you want one then let me slice you across your belly then I will give you one."

    When he heard this, Ning Lang scratched his head and said with a smile: "Then forget it. I don't like getting injured. A slice across my belly will be really painful!"

    "Fine, then hurry up and tidy up." She gestured and walked over to one side and leaned against a tree saying nothing more.

    "Okay, you all have a rest."

    He then proceeded to put away the things behind them and after he confirmed that none of the demonic cultivators were alive, he collected all the demonic cultivators' qiankun bags. In less than half an hour, he returned to the others.

    "These evil cultivators must have taken lots of things, I had a quick look and there are quite a lot of items in their qiankun bags." He then divided all the items and shared them out with the others, even Feng Jiu had a share.

    At some point, this had become a standard tradition. Feng Jiu didn't reject the items and she put them away instead.

    "That family seems to have fallen unconscious from the effects of the medicine." Ning Lang looked at Feng Jiu: "I tried to wake them up earlier but they're not responding. They didn't even flinch when I pinched. How can we wake them up?"

    If they used medicine, Feng Jiu would be familiar with that area of expertise.

    Feng Jiu took a bottle out of her sleeve and handed it to him: "Put this under their nose for a few moments and they should wake up."


    Ning Lang took the bottle and walked over to that family quickly. He placed the bottle under the nose of one of them and saw that the person started to wake up slowly.

    "You're awake? Here, take this over and place it under their noses. They will wake up once they've smelt it." He handed him the bottle and gestured.

    That man was a Nascent Soul cultivator. He saw a young girl in front of him but when she spoke, it was the voice of a young boy. He nodded and took the bottle and put it under the nose of the person beside him. Soon after, he saw that the person began to regain consciousness.

    "Give this to everyone to smell, it will dispel the poison in their bodies." The Nascent Soul cultivator said and gestured for the man to take the bottle.

    "Yes." The young man responded and took the bottle. He placed the bottle under everyone's noses for a short while and watched them regain consciousness one by one.

    "Thank you Young Masters for saving us." The Nascent Soul cultivator tilted his head and bowed at them with one hand behind his back.

    While he thanked them, his sharp eyes gazed past the young boys in front of him and saw that the boys who had fought against the evil cultivators earlier had sustained injuries. Some were leant against the tree resting and some were standing.

    His eyes fell on the red robed Feng Jiu and paused. This young boy in red didn't step in earlier, but he seemed to be these young boys' companions.

    Just before he lost consciousness, he remembered seeing the blast of the explosive fireball that the young boy with the baby face threw from his hands......
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