1127 What’s Your Name

    Someone from an average family would be unable to attain such a great pressure with that kind of fireball technique. What's more, the boy looked quite young but yet he was able to display an attribute attack technique of such a high level, he was obviously exceptional.

    Moreover, these young boys were only Foundation Formation stage cultivators but they dared to fight against those demonic cultivators. Their fighting spirits were incomparable to the younger generation of their own family.

    Out of them all, it appeared that the baby faced boy was the strongest fighter. He was able to use his Foundation Formation strength to defeat and kill a Golden Core evil cultivator. In time, he would become even more extraordinary.

    "Hehehe, no need to thank us, we didn't save you in vain."

    Ning Ling's eyes narrowed as he smiled. He patted his round belly and said to the Nascent Soul cultivator: "So, I counted and there are twenty nine of you here. You just need only pay us one hundred thousand gold coins each for saving your lives and we're even. This is the price for those Foundation Formation cultivators. As for the eight Golden Core cultivators, it will cost you two hundred thousand gold coins. For the Nascent Soul cultivator, it will cost three hundred thousand gold coins and four magic artifacts."

    He watched their expressions become somber and smiled at them saying: "We saved your lives, you can't deny that can you? We aren't robbers, so we won't snatch from you. Otherwise we would have killed you all when you were unconscious and stolen your belongings, right?"

    "So since we saved so many of you and we've gotten injured in the process, it's only natural for us to receive money as a reward for saving your lives, don't you agree?" He didn't seem to have noticed that family's dumbfounded expressions and continued smiling. His eyes narrowed so much that you couldn't see the glimmer of light in his eyes.

    "What's the difference between this and robbery?" A cultivator in his thirties scrunched up his fists and shouted angrily. He couldn't believe these teenagers would dare to suggest payment.

    Their elder had thanked them personally, yet they dared ask for money and magic artifacts?

    "Oh? How can you say that? We obviously saved you!" Ning Lang said and looked at him unpleasantly: "Did you not hear? Those cultivators said they were going to kill the men and capture the women. If we hadn't saved you'd all be dead long ago. What's wrong with asking you for some money as repayment? You don't want to give us the money?"


    "Okay!" The Nascent Soul cultivator shouted in a deep voice, his sharp eyes glanced at the man talking: "Where's your manners? Step back!"

    The man gritted his teeth indignantly but retreated in response.

    "That's more like it. Who told you to be rude. We are your benefactors, without us, would you still exist?" Ning Lang said complacently.

    The Nascent Soul cultivator's expression eased and he smiled: "Hehehe, Young Master, please don't be offended by him. Let me apologise on his behalf."

    "No need, no need, we didn't save you in vain. We don't care about these niceties, we just want more practical thank yous."

    "Of course, of course." The Nascent Soul cultivator smiled and said: "Then we will pay what the Young Master has asked! Spending this little bit of money is not enough to thank the Young Masters for saving our lives. By the way, My surname is Lin, what are Young Masters' names?"
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