1128 Lin Family From First Grade Country South City

    Ning Lang raised his chin and shook out his sleeves as he spoke: "Names are just a code, they're not worth mentioning."

    Upon seeing this, some of the family members frowned, their eyes filled with dissatisfaction. Some of the family members' faces turned somber with displeasure as they felt that these young boys were too ignorant.

    A Nascent Soul cultivator told them his name and asked for their in return, and they wouldn't tell him? If they weren't putting up airs, what were they doing?

    Only a few people had no reaction and watched on quietly.

    Even the Nascent Soul cultivator who had asked for their names paused after hearing Ning Lang's words and then smiled saying: "Alright! Why don't you all take a rest first and I will send men to get the gold coins and magic artifacts."

    With that, he turned around and whispered a few words to a few people. Not long later, a qiankun bag was handed over to the Nascent Soul cultivator and he handed it over to Ning Lang.

    "Young Master, there are five million gold coins in this bag, along with five self-defence weapons. Please accept it."

    "Oh? Five million gold coins and five self-defence weapons? That's too much!" Ning Lang looked at him and said.

    "Hehehe, I hope to make friends with the few of you, that's why I have given you more. Please accept it! To be honest, in comparison to you saving our lives, the money is nothing. One day, if you all come to the First Grade Imperial Cities Lin Mansion, you shall also be my distinguished guests and I will make sure you have a hearty welcome."

    Upon seeing their elder speak so politely to those people and gave them more gold coins and magic artifacts, they couldn't help but wonder why. However, they didn't ask any questions but just looked at the five people.

    Although the five people were younger in age, their appearance was more outstanding than others, and their guts were extraordinary, they couldn't see anything special about them. Why was their elder treating them differently?

    The few people who were resting at the side looked over when they heard what the Nascent Soul cultivator said. Instead of speaking, they took out their water tumblers and took a few sips of water to quench their thirst while they waited for Ning Lang to settle the matter.

    When Ning Lang heard what the Nascent Soul cultivator said, he tapped his stomach lightly with his fingers and tilted his head up. After a few moments of thought, he reached over and took the bag saying: "Okay then! Since Senior Lin is so modest then we can't decline your good gesture. Hehehe, I don't like many things, but I never refuse money."

    After he took the qiankun bag, he checked the contents of the bag before he kept it in space and then he said: "We shall take our leave now then, if we are fated we will meet again in the future."

    With that said, he departed with Feng Jiu and the rest and they soon disappeared from the sight of those people.

    "Great Elder, these young boys are too presumptuous. He even opened the qiankun bag in front of you to check the contents. He was so rude, why did their Great Elder still treat him so politely?"

    "That's right, there are only five of them and their cultivation stage is only Foundation Formation level. If we were to take them on, they wouldn't survive."

    "These people are too impudent, Great Elder told them his name and he actually ignored him."


    A low majestic voice came from the Great Elder accompanied by the pressure of his Nascent Soul power. They all kept quiet and no one dared to speak again.

    "Do you think you will be able to bully those people? You think you can kill them at will?" The Great Elder turned around and glanced at everyone behind him, one hand behind his back: "You haven't channeled your powers yet have you? Don't you know that the spiritual breath in our bodies has not fully recovered yet?"
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