1129 Can’t Make Enemies

    When they heard what he said, everyone was stunned. They tried to summon their spiritual breath in their bodies, only to realise that their spiritual breath was moving very slowly. If they were to fight, they wouldn't be able to use it.

    Upon seeing the stunned expressions on everyone's faces, the Nascent Soul cultivator said: "Moreover, if they are able to deal with those cultivators, then they aren't ordinary people. They had quite a lot of magic artifacts on them so they are certainly not children of ordinary families. Since they saved our lives, why should we make enemies out of them?"

    Everyone's angry attitude calmed down when they heard this. Another way of thinking about this was if they hadn't saved them, they would have fallen into the hands of those demonic cultivators and most probably lost their lives.

    "Speaking of which, those young boys are really gutsy. They actually dare come into this place with only the five of them."

    "That's right, I agree with Great Elder's logic that it's more beneficial to gain a friend than to make an enemy."

    As those people were discussing the matter, Feng Jiu and the rest of them had already gone some distance away and came to a place they felt was safe where they stopped to take a rest.

    Ning Lang took the gold and magic artifacts out and divided them amongst them. He grinned and said: "Although we got injured, we've obtained these items pretty easily. Also, our actual combat skills have improved and our reaction is faster, don't you think?"

    "Duan Ye glanced at him: "You didn't get hurt, of course that's what you think." He was injured in his abdomen. Although it wasn't fatal, it hurt terribly.

    "That's right, we won't do it again next time. It might be possible that we end up being killed by the people we have saved in the end. In this world, there is no shortage of contemptuous people."

    Luo Fei added. He could tell that those people weren't grateful but were unhappy instead. If the Nascent Soul cultivator hadn't been there to keep things in order, they would have made a move against them.

    "Relax, they wouldn't dare fight us. They won't recover from the effects of the medicine in their bodies so quickly, so we are safe." Ning Lang said and looked at Feng Jiu: "Feng Jiu, since we are all injured, shall we look for a place to rest for a few days? Duan Ye's abdominal injury is quite serious. It's not good for him to keep walking or his wound might open up."

    "Yes, let's just rest here! Duan Ye will rest here with Cloud Devouring Beast guarding him. The three of you will come with me to set up arrays. The three of you will also set up an enchantment around here with me. We won't battle over the next few days, rest and take care of your injuries first."

    "Arrays and enchantments? We only know the basics!"

    "Exactly, because you only know the basics so you need to learn!. Can you guarantee that you will not be trapped inside an array or enchantment in the future?" She raised her eyebrows as she spoke to them.

    Upon hearing this, they followed her out to learn about arrays and enchantments...

    Early in the morning three days later

    "Remove the bandage and let me look at your wound." Feng Jiu came over and sat down next to Duan Ye, gesturing to his bandage.

    "The wound is a little itchy. It doesn't hurt anymore so I think it's nearly healed." Duan Ye said as he removed his outer layer of clothes and then untied the bandages.

    "We are going to fill up the tumblers with water and pick some wild fruit." Song Ming and Ning Lang said and walked out together.

    Luo Fei glanced at them and said: "Be careful."
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