1131 That Eagle

    "Ah! Help, help....."

    Ning Lang was caught by a giant eagle in mid air and he couldn't move. His limbs were dangling in the air as he looked down crying for help. He still didn't know how he managed to get caught by the eagle and was lifted swiftly up in the air.

    He saw Song Ming's expression of astonishment and panic down below, he saw him crying for help, and he saw him attempt to rescue him with a flying sword but was swatted away by the wings of the eagle. A strong force of wind was accompanied by a coercive pressure as he fell from mid-air.

    "Ning Lang!"

    Feng Jiu who had just come out of the enchantment saw an eagle with its claws clutched around a person dangling in the air above the trees. Upon a closer look, the figure that was flying higher and higher up was the chubby white and tender Ning Lang. On the ground not far away pulling himself up against a tree with blood dripping out of the corner of his mouth was Song Ming.

    "Cloud Devouring Beast, I will leave their safety in your hands."

    Feng Jiu didn't have time to say anything more. She took out her Rainbow-coloured Glazed Feather and chased after the eagle.

    "Song Ming, how are you? How did Ning Lang get caught by that eagle?" Duan Ye and Luo Fei came to his side to help him. His face was pale and his pulse was chaotic, it seemed that he was quite seriously injured.


    He coughed and held his chest in pain then spoke: "We were getting water from the stream. Maybe the eagle saw us in mid-air and flew down from above. Its claws caught hold of Ning Lang and it flew back up. I tried to save him but I was hit by the eagle's wing and fell back down."

    "That's a Spirit Beast, you're lucky you're still alive." Cloud Devouring Beast who was squatting beside him said.

    "Spirit Beast?" They were stunned. That eagle was a Spirit Beast?

    "Yes, that's the peak level Spirit Beast, it's probably a beast from the inner circle. There haven't been any Spirit Beasts in the outer circle yet. At most there have only been Sacred Beasts of the peak level. But don't worry, my Master is chasing it, she will definitely be able to save Little Fatty and bring him back."

    Upon hearing that, their hearts felt heavy. A Spirit Beast of the highest level had taken Ning Lang into the inner circle and Feng Jiu had gone alone. Would they be in danger?

    When they thought of this, their hearts felt heavy and uneasy. They didn't have the capabilities to go against a Spirit Beast, let alone defeat it. After all, even if it was a Nascent Soul cultivator who went up against a Spirit Beast, he may not come away unscathed.

    "Cloud Devouring Beast, you are Feng Jiu's contract beast. Let's go after them! Even if our strength isn't good enough, we might be able to help." Having experienced so many things together, they couldn't stand aside and do nothing when the two of them were in danger.

    Cloud Devouring Beast nodded after hearing what they said and replied: "Follow me then! With me by your side, most fierce beasts won't dare come near us."

    After all, it was a Spirit Beast, but restrained its power to that of a Sacred Beast. Otherwise, the fierce beasts wouldn't have sensed its breath and disappeared out of the way.

    They glanced at each other and followed it in search of Feng Jiu.....

    Elsewhere in the outer circle of the forest, other people who saw the giant eagle flying in mid-air clutching on to a person couldn't help but be surprised. However, because they were too high and far away, they couldn't see the person's face, so they didn't know who it was.

    However, when they saw a youth in red chasing after them......
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