1366 A piece of loincloth

    Feng Jiu saw the two men in black guarding outside then retracted her gaze indifferently. After the old man knocked on the door, a man opened the door from inside and let them in.

    Once inside, it reeked of blood. A rotten smell was mixed with the bloody smell. Its pungent smell made her frown slightly and put on a handmade mask from her sleeve.

    Seeing this, the old man didn't say anything, while others didn't like it. They thought she was disgusted.

    When she reached the bed, she saw a man lying on the bed wearing a mask with his lower body covered only with a thin loincloth. He was stripped clean from top to bottom. The mask on his face didn't allow others to see his appearance.

    Feng Jiu took a glance, then looked away faintly with her lips twitched. Although she was a doctor and had seen many naked people, those she had seen in the past were definitely dead bodies.

    As for the naked, living man's body, she had only seen that tsundere Uncle Xuanyuan's. Plus this one lying here. Although he's half-dead but still alive, isn't he?

    She could hardly know where to aim her gaze.

    "Little Brother, look, this is his wound."

    The old man signalled Feng Jiu to look at a wound next to the man's heart. The wound was not big but it had started to fester. The area surrounding the wound was also dark purple, forming a purplish red patch.

    "The patient has lost consciousness for a day. After examining his wound, I'm afraid that I have to resort to using the knife. However, the wound is close to the heart and I'm not sure of the outcome. Under such circumstances, it's too dangerous for me to use the knife with my strength alone. Therefore, with the help of Little Brother's skills, I hope to seal the acupuncture points around the wound area and prevent accidents during the surgery."

    Feng Jiu nodded. The wound was like this. It would be a wonder if he didn't fall into a coma. Besides, the wound was close to the heart, so it's not easy to operate. The slightest mistake might cause a loss of life here.

    So, she examined the wound and then took the man's pulse. "The breath is chaotic inside his body, as well as poisons acting up The wound is worsening, there should be fragments left in it. If left untreated before sundown, there is no doubt that he will die."

    She concluded her diagnosis. However, as she finished speaking, she felt the atmosphere in the room drop a little. Even the breath seemed a bit oppressive.

    Even the old man's heart was also heavy. "I know we don't have much time, Little Brother. Please get ready. Stay by my side to lend me a hand!"

    At this moment, the old man didn't think that Feng Jiu's medical skills would be superior to him. What he thought was that his acupuncture technique was amazing. If he used acupuncture to give treatment, he might be able to reduce the fatal risk. Therefore, he asked people to find Feng Jiu.

    The old man, who was already in a tense and heavy mood, felt even gloomier after hearing Feng Jiu's diagnosis. Sweat trickled from his forehead.

    Indeed! If he dragged it again, this man would surely die!

    They were busy preparing tools while Feng Jiu stood aside after washing her hands. She watched two guards carrying the patient onto a hospital bed under the old man's order.

    Although the two guards lifted the comatose patient very carefully, the loincloth covering the lower part of the man's body fell down during the move.
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