1367 Indecent, don’t look

    At the same time, Feng Jiu moved her sight away silently while thinking inwardly, Indecent, don't look.

    She had no interest in seeing an unfamiliar man's naked body because, in her opinion, nobody can compare with Xuanyuan Mo Ze's sexy and sturdy physique.

    Recalling that certain someone, she couldn't help remembering some images in her mind that she was momentarily distracted until the old man's voice came.

    "Little Brother? Come over, what are you still doing there? "

    "Oh, I'm coming." Feng Jiu came to her senses and hurriedly walked past toward the outer room.

    Seeing that the masked man was covered again with the loincloth, she walked up to the old man. "Are you going to start?"

    "Mm hmm, I can't wait any longer. Here, let me tell you something." The old man talked about when to use the needle, how to use the needle and what to do when an accident occurred with Feng Jiu.

    Then, the old man said, "There must be no slip-up with the needle. If an accident happens when the needle is administered and kills the patient, I won't be able to save you."

    "Mm, I know. I'll be careful." Feng Jiu nodded. She saw that the old man had not started but his forehead was already dripping with cold sweat. It seemed that he was a little nervous. Even his hands were shaking. She was stunned and asked, "Are you alright, Senior?"

    Could this surgery be done? This was a surgery close to the heart. If there's a slight mistake, someone's life would be lost. Could he perform the surgery with such trembling hands?

    "I'm just, just a little nervous." The old man said truthfully, wiped his sweat, and told the people next to him, "Go pour me a cup of hot tea. I'll drink the tea slowly."

    One of the men assented and left. The old man sat down and looked at the man lying flat in front of him. His eyes had a slight concern.

    At this time, an old man came out of the dark. His eyebrows were slightly twisted as he stared at that old man with the sweaty forehead. He asked him solemnly, "Are you perhaps not sure? Can the Young Lord come to if you operate him this way?"

    "I don't dare promise to bring him back to life, but he will certainly not live today without surgery." The old man sighed. "The hot poison has already attacked his heart. It will be even more unsolvable. Without a doubt, he'll really die."

    Hearing this, the elderly man who just showed up turned grave. He stopped talking and stared at Feng Jiu. "Since you let this boy give the Young Lord the needle, if there is an accident ..."

    "I've already explained it to him. His acupuncture should have no problem."

    Taking the hot tea from the guard, he took a sip which eased the tension in his heart. The old man took a look at Feng Jiu, and then said to the man, "And now, there is no better way, is there?"

    The old man pursed his lips and stopped talking. Yes, at present, there really was no other way. In his kind of situation, it was too late for the Young Lord to go back. Moreover, the wound...

    He looked at the wound and frowned. "We must save the Young Lord."

    After drinking the tea, the old man calmed down and came to the front again. Looking at all kinds of sharp knives to be used, he could not help but feel nervous again and hesitated about which knife was better.

    Feng Jiu, next to him, also took a look. She also couldn't help but wring her eyebrows. After seeing the old man making no movement for a long time, she suggested, "Senior, if you can't perform the surgery, let's change places with me!"

    At least, she thought, if it were her, she wouldn't hesitate to do the surgery?
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