1133 Cockfigh

    Feng Jiu chased after them on her flying feather for half a day before she finally managed to narrow the distance between them. However, at this time, a flock of black birds flew out from the forest and headed straight for her.

    There were over a hundred birds, and although they were only as big as the size of a fist, she didn't doubt that the birds weren't lethal. Those black birds were ferocious and looking at the blood around them, it was obvious that they were carnivorous.

    She had only just closed the distance between her and the eagle in front and another flock of offensive things appeared. Her face became frosty and cold, and her killing intent became strong and intense.

    She used the breath within her body and infused a trace of flame around the edge of the flock of black birds flying towards her. She drew her sword and used it to send the flames towards the flock of black birds while she continued to chase ahead without stopping.

    The eagle in front was angry. It flapped its wings and looked back. When he saw the tiny figure of a human catching up to it, anger raged in its eyes. At this time, it had stopped flying back to its nest clutching its food in its claws. Instead, it flapped its wings and waited in mid-air for the human to approach.

    Feng Jiu flew on her flying feather and came to a stop about ten metres away from the eagle. When she saw Ning Lang had passed out and his limbs were dangling downwards towards the ground, she frowned and glared at the eagle: "Let him go."

    "Human! How dare you! You dare order me around?"

    The eagle's sharp eyes were filled with the coercion of the Spirit Beast as it stared at her. When it spoke, its voice carried an airflow to knock the human in front of it out of the way, but who knew....

    The tiny human standing on the feather in mid-air was not afraid at all. Under the pressure of his Spirit Beast powers, the human had no discomfort at all. Upon seeing this, it narrowed its eyes and stared at her sharply as it asked: "Human, who are you?"

    How could an ordinary human being not fear the coercion of a Spirit Beast? Moreover, this human's strength was not high. How could a weak human not be frightened and impressed by the strength and powers of a Spirit Beast?

    "Eagle, let go of my man or you will regret it."

    As she spoke, Feng Jiu drew out her Qingfeng sword. A burst of green light shot out of the Qingfeng sword as it shot out a sharp and terrifying sword intent towards the eagle in front of her.

    The eagle stared at Feng Jiu as her red clothes swayed in the wind. Her hand held the sword with the green light and her body permeated a strong and sturdy breath. It was actually a little daunting.

    What is the origin of this human being?

    Because it felt that something was not right, the human was really not afraid of it, therefore, although it had intended to make a meal out of this human initially, at this time the eagle flapped its wings and retreated instead. With a whoosh, it flew a further ten metres away.

    "Want to escape? Leave the man behind!"

    Feng Jiu's eyes narrowed and the sword in her hand turned and shot out a swift and fierce sword intent towards the eagle. The green light shot through the air and struck the eagle that was twenty metres away, quick as lightning.

    Aware of the danger and killing intent behind it, the eagle looked back. Its eyes narrowed and avoided the light. Even so, its wings were struck by the fierce flow of sword intent and two feathers fell off....

    "Insidious human! You dare hurt my black feathers!"

    The eagle seemed to be getting angry and started going berserk. The feathers on the top of its head rose up like it was getting ready for a cockfight.
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