1134 The Eagle Had To Become A Little Bird

    The eagle looked up and screamed. It turned around and flapped its wings, and flew straight down from a great height. Its sharp eagle's beak was like a sharp wind blade aiming for the top of Feng Jiu's head.

    "Just waiting for you!"

    Feng Jiu shouted coldly, her feet tapped on her flying feather and it lifted her upwards with force. The sword in her hand rotated along with her turning body, forming a vortex in mid-air.



    One going downwards and one going upwards, the two forces collided with each other. The powerful airflow and pressure oscillated in the air and caused the air in mid-air to tremble slightly, as if distorted by the two currents of airflow rolling around.


    When the two currents of airflows collided, a rumbling sound was formed. The airflow splayed outwards like waves in mid-air crashing down and dispersing outwards.

    At the same time of the impact, both Feng Jiu and the eagle were knocked out a distance away. The eagle's body shook and thought some of its feathers on its body scattered down, its claws gripped on tightly to Ning Lang's body.

    Feng Jiu was afraid that the swift and fierce sword intent of the sword would hurt Ning Lang, therefore, she didn't dare to use all her strength to attack. She only used a few percent of her strength, but that gave the eagle a chance to escape.

    When she saw the eagle escaping after being hit by the airflow, she gritted her teeth and said:" Put him down! Otherwise I will destroy your lair!"

    Upon hearing this, the fleeing eagle flapping its wings shuddered. Whether it was out of fear or anger, the eagle trembled in mid-air and fell a few metres before it steadied itself.

    "Human, you dare to threaten me! I will show you my true colours! You want me to release this human? I won't let him go! I want him for my son's meal! If you dare to follow me, you will also be caught!"

    It was furious, and was going to enter its Spirit Beast level. It had been so many years since it became a Spirit Beast, but it was the first time it had encountered a human that dared to threaten destroying its lair.

    If the human in red clothes didn't look so frail and skinny with barely any flesh on him, it would have caught him as well!

    At this time, though it had to admit that the human in red clothes was not easy to deal with, it would never show any weakness in its mouth! This human is so hateful! It wanted to make sure the human couldn't catch up with it! Make this human go crazy because it couldn't find it!

    When the eagle thought of this, it flapped its wings hard and flew up into the sky with a speed several times faster than before. It flew to a place up ahead far away and left Feng Jiu behind staring at it, only able to see a small figure of the eagle.

    Oddly, she didn't chase the eagle at this point . Instead, she stared into the direction the eagle flew to and the corners of her lips curled upwards into a profound smile. When the figure finally disappeared out of sight, she followed behind in search of them.

    The eagle didn't know that during their battle earlier, she put something on its feathers. So what if it's a Spirit Beast? As long as it had provoked her, even the Eagle King had to become a small bird!

    She didn't believe that it would be able to escape from under her eyes with Ning Lang this time!

    The eagle in front that was flying at a super fast speed felt that something was not right after it had flown some distance away. Its wings grew heavy and the eagle found it difficult to flap its wings, therefore, its flight speed gradually slowed down.....
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