1137 Not An Eagle Egg

    When Ning Lang saw the protective enchantment break open in front of him, he stepped forwards in joy: "Feng Jiu, I knew you would come to my rescue."

    She reached out and flicked his forehead with her hand: "I thought you could run the fastest? Why didn't you run away when the eagle caught you?"

    "Oh, that's not the same! The eagle caught me off guard. If I had known I would have run faster than he can fly. Okay, okay, let's run! This really isn't a place for humans." He glanced around as he spoke and looked at the vacant place around them, so deep that you couldn't see the bottom. He couldn't help but shrunk back.

    That eagle was abnormal to build its nest in such a place.

    But thinking about it, it was probably quite normal. This place was so high and was separated from the forest over there. So other than birds, most fierce beasts wouldn't be able to get over here. As for the birds, there was a protective enchantment around this place so it was well protected.

    This kind of place was probably only suitable for birds to live in.

    "Let's go!" Feng JIu stretched out her hand to him. However, when she saw the egg in his arms, she raised her eyebrows and asked: "Are you going to steal the egg?"

    "Hmph! The eagle is ridiculous, it actually captured me for food when the baby eagle was born. Since that's the case, I shall steal its egg and make it anxious."

    Feng Jiu looked at the patterned egg and said: "That eagle is a male, how could it bear an egg? Moreover, this doesn't look like an eagle's egg." She then took the egg to inspect it. The more she looked at the egg, the surer she was.

    "This egg doesn't belong to this eagle, but it is probably a type of eagle egg. The pattern is a little strange." She looked at him and said: "You can take it away if you want. But there is a little beast inside this egg, so you must protect it and look after it carefully. You can't break the egg out of carelessness after we leave this place."

    Upon hearing this, Ning Lang's eyes lit up: "Rest assured, I can hatch the egg by myself and bring it up as if he is my own son."

    Feng Jiu's lips twitched as she looked at the chubby little boy and only said: "Let's go!" She then took him with her on her colourful flying feather and left this place.

    Previously, Ning Lang was brought to this place unconscious. As he looked down, he saw many fierce beasts in the forest down below. The beasts seemed to be aware of their presence and looked up at them. He shuddered when he looked at their bloodthirsty eyes.

    "This, this place surely isn't the inner circle is it? Why are there so many more fierce beasts here than the place we were staying at before?"

    "If the outer circle is divided into three parts, outermost, middle and innermost area, then this is the innermost area of the outer circle. It is the closest to the inner circle. There are not only many fierce beasts here, but they are also extremely violent."

    Feng Jiu glanced down as she spoke: "There are people further out, but inside here you will see less people."

    "Then did you encounter any danger following me here?" He asked in surprise. As he spoke, a flock of birds with blood red coloured feathers and long legs rushed out with their long beaks wide open.

    "Ah! Ah....."

    Ning Lang blinked and exclaimed: "The feathers of those birds are blood red in colour, and look at their necks, it's so long and you can see the flesh under the neck as well. And those long legs, their claws look like ghost claws! How strange."
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