1141 Meeting the Snake King again

    When she heard the rustling sounds, Feng Jiu looked back instinctively. But, she only caught sight of the leaves swayed behind. Those rustling sounds were made by those leaves without the wind blowing.

    What made her on guard was that in addition to the rustles, there was a hissing sound similar to the sound of a snake spitting.

    With this reminder, her heart trembled with fear. As soon as she thought of leaving this place, she heard that Nascent Soul cultivator speaking.

    "It's like the sounds of a snake. Both of you, go and check it out." The Nascent Soul cultivator gestured to the two men behind him to take a look while telling Feng Jiu impatiently, "Take that egg out quickly!"

    He had no idea what would happen if they wasted more time. If this young man acted tactfully like this again, don't blame him for being rude!

    Even if he feared the other's depth, Feng Jiu was only one person and a young man to boot. Could he, a Nascent Soul cultivator with many people behind him, be afraid of this one man?

    "Bang! Bang bang bang!"

    Feng Jiu smiled when she heard that. "You'd better settle the rest, we can talk about it later. That is, of course, if you're still alive." She lifted her vital energy and leapt up, stepping on her feathers and soaring up into the sky. With a lift of the sleeve, she sprinkled something underneath and swept towards the eagle.

    "Chase!" The Nascent Soul cultivator shouted loudly with a gloomy look. But just then, there was a piercing cry from the two men who had been sent to investigate.


    The panic and horror rose up to the sky. The sound echoed and then dropped to nothingness as if it was immediately swallowed by something.

    The people who had heard the noise were startled and rushed to withdraw. But at this moment, the hissing sound came nearer and nearer and a gigantic viper of the sacred beast's peak level was coming their way. It had a big red bump on top of its head, spitting its fishy and scarlet three-forked tongue, scaring everyone into a screaming mess.

    "Ah! It's a giant snake! There's still a large group of snakes! That's a swarm of snakes! Run quickly! "

    While screaming, the cultivators fled towards the back, jostling each other in panic. Some of them were knocked down and trampled on directly by those behind them, and when they struggled to get up, they were stepped on again without a chance to stand up.


    The Snake King hissed, raised its huge head and looked around with a pair of ferocious and bloodthirsty eyes. When it caught a glimpse of the familiar red figure sweeping away in mid-air, it hissed and chased her again.

    A swarm of snakes came rushing up behind them and scattered quickly to bite the cultivators. Only their screams were heard. At this time, some of them even forgot that they could fly to the sky to avoid the snakes and even ran through the forest on foot in their panic.

    Inside the forest, many colourful little snakes wrapped their bodies around the trees. It was unknown when this started. At the hiss of the Snake King, the little snakes pounced on those cultivators.

    Those who got bitten could not escape and fell to the ground. They were soon covered by snakes so that their bodies couldn't be seen. The snakes sucked their blood and bit their flesh. It didn't take a while for the cultivators to be eaten up, leaving only a pile of clothes...

    There was a strong smell of blood in the air. The bloodthirsty and ferocious aura pervaded throughout the forest with the flight of these poisonous snakes. It lingered for a very long time...
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