1142 I’m here to save you

    After escaping from that place on the flying feather, Feng Jiu landed and hid her breath while entering the forest.

    She saw the divine beast-rank eagle was caught in a huge net made of special material and infused with the drug that could render animals weak.

    Well, how else could these people capture the eagle?

    Watching the eagle on the ground struggling to stand up but unable to, she sighed. After giving it some thought, she took the medicine out from the space and flashed to the upwind to spread the drug's scent out.


    A lash of the whip struck the eagle so severely that some of its feathers fell off. The eagle kept its beak shut and didn't make a sound. Its sharp and unyielding eyes stared at the Nascent Soul who had whipped it earlier.

    They wanted it to surrender? No way.

    "You still don't want to concede? You think I won't kill you, right?" That Nascent Soul cultivator stepped on the eagle's beak. "You should be aware that you're not the only divine beast. As long as we enter the interior area, there are many ferocious beasts at the divine beast rank! It doesn't have to be you. On the contrary, if we do not want you, you will die!"

    "Do you want this Lord to surrender? You wicked, despicable humans!"

    The eagle scolded angrily and tried to peck him but it was kicked aside.

    "Hmph! Ungrateful bastard!" The Nascent Soul cultivator cursed in rage. He picked up the whip and lashed at it for more than a dozen times as if giving vent to the rage that rose in his heart when he could not subdue the beast.

    "Strange. There seems to be noise over there." Some cultivators spoke out, looking at the other side with surprise.

    "The sound of battle! They must have got into a fight after catching up with the man who stole the egg."

    "Yes, who can escape from the team led by the Nascent Soul cultivator?"

    Several of them laughed while discussing this. But at this time, a Foundation Building cultivator held his forehead and rubbed his temple. "Strange, why do I feel faint?"

    "So do I...my body is so sore as if I have no strength."

    "Me too. Ugh...thump!"

    The Foundation Building cultivators lost their strengths and fell down one by one, while the Golden Core and Nascent Soul cultivators couldn't help being frightened and held their breath quickly.

    "Who's playing dirty tricks! Come out! Show yourself to us! "

    Hearing their angry shouts, Feng Jiu just smiled. What despicable means? She had no choice but to use tricks when dealing with these people.

    Her method was to take them down without attacking them. Could she be so stupid that she had to use a sword to kill someone? You know, the highest level of slaughter was done in silence.

    While those people were busy shouting, she circled behind the eagle. Seeing the eagle turning its head and staring at her angrily, she grinned and spoke in a low voice. "Don't scream, I'm here to save you."

    The eagle's eyes were full of doubts and wariness. How could this human be so kind-hearted?

    However, when Feng Jiu pulled the huge net, the people in front turned around suddenly and stared at the eagle. Seeing this, Feng Jiu shot out the silver needles in her hand simultaneously.

    The silver needles hit two people while the others dodged them. She took advantage of this time to remove the huge net...
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