1143 Don’t tell me you also stole its egg

    The huge net swung open, drew an arc, and released a stream of air that swept those people who came over that side. They cursed and turned pale as they lifted their vital energy to transport themselves out from there.

    When they sensed their inner spirit energy could not flow and their bodies were gradually powerless, they were shocked and didn't take notice of the boy in red who suddenly appeared in front of them and the eagle. At once, they looked for medicines from their cosmos sack.

    Since they were posted in the inner part of the forest, they had some antidote pills and potions. Otherwise, they would have died hundreds of times a long time ago.

    However, there was no doubt that those antidote pills and potions were precious. Even if those were available, they were only for those people at the Golden Core level and above. It's impossible for those Foundation Building ranks to get unless they received it from others. Otherwise, in the case of poisons, unless they were accompanied by someone with medical knowledge to cure them, they could only wait for death.

    "Quick, take this medicine."

    Feng Jiu pushed a medicinal pill at the eagle's beak and saw that it was still stunned and stared at her. She urged, "Hurry up! You don't want to live? Don't worry! I won't hurt you. If I have that intention, I won't come back to save you. I lent you a hand only when seeing you got caught. Hurry up. "

    Hearing this, the eagle thought for a while and decided that if the man really wanted to hurt it, he would not come back to save it. So, it opened his beak and swallowed the pill.

    After swallowing the pill, it felt its body that previously had no strength gradually recovered. A warm current circulated inside the body and it could sense the change within. The eagle spoke in a harsh tone, "Human, don't think that this Lord will forgive you. Return the egg to me quickly."

    Feng Jiu glanced at the eagle and released her divine sense. She felt that the giant snake had come this way and hurriedly said, "I'll tell you what! Let's go up in the sky and chat there. It's too dangerous to stay on the ground."

    'What's the danger? Those stupid humans have already sat down. It's obvious that your medicine is stronger than theirs." It looked at the men sitting cross-legged, trying to force the drug out of their bodies.

    "Of course, it's dangerous. There are snakes down here! " She raised her voice a bit, detecting the giant snake scurried over. As it got closer and closer, she stepped on the feathers in a hurry and flew up into the air.

    "Snake? This Lord is the snake's nemesis. I've never feared snakes. Whenever those little snakes saw me, they would flee far away..."

    Before the eagle finished speaking, it saw a huge snake flying out of the forest. When it saw the shape of the giant snake, it got scared too. The eagle flapped its wings and flew to the sky.

    "Bang bang!"

    "Hiss hiss hiss!"

    The huge snake came to the place where the eagle was lying down earlier. It looked up and spit its tongue out, staring at one man and one eagle in the air. The snake slapped its tail down with full strength as if it was unwilling and indignant. It looked up again at Feng Jiu as if it was aggrieved and beat its tail down. If not for its forked tongue making terrible hissing noises, it looked like a child making a scene.

    Mid-air, the frightened eagle flapped its wings and followed Feng Jiu. It stared at her and asked, "Don't tell me that you also stole this snake's egg?"

    Feng Jiu was stunned at its words then smiled sheepishly. "That's not true. I'm not an egg-stealing maniac. What would I do with the stolen eggs?" Although she didn't steal eggs, what she took had a higher value than snake eggs.
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