1144 That distress signal

    The eagle saw Feng Jiu's sheepish smile and obviously didn't trust her. When it heard screams from below and looked down, it saw the cultivators were surrounded and were subsequently devoured by the snakes.

    "Hmph! If it wasn't for this Lord to get hurt, there's no way this Lord will be afraid of these small and insignificant snakes."

    As soon as it finished speaking, it turned towards Feng Jiu. "What about this Lord's egg? Give the egg back to me. I won't hurt you since you've saved my life."

    "That egg isn't yours either, is it?" Feng Jiu asked. Watching the eagle stomped its feet in anger at her words, she spoke again, "Its surface has the aura of a divine beast. It's definitely not your egg. Besides, you can't lay eggs."


    The eagle was filled with murderous intent that then pervaded the air. Its penetrating gaze was fixed on Feng Jiu. It was as if the eagle would kill her once she spoke again that the egg wasn't its.

    Looking at the furious eagle, Feng Jiu turned her eyes slightly and smiled. "I have a good idea. Would you like to listen?"

    "What idea? I only want my egg." It stared watchfully at the human smiling like a fox.

    "In any case, you're a divine beast. You can be considered one of the best, though in the outer area. If you want to go to the inner part, there must be many others with ranks higher than yours, right? How about making a contract with someone! "

    She smiled with her eyes narrowed to a squint. "That fatty is quite good. If you have a contract with him, won't you be able to keep the egg? What's more, it's safer for the egg to follow Little Fatty than to follow you. "

    "The king does not make a contract with humans. Human beings are treacherous and crafty. Even foxes are not as cunning as humans."

    Hearing that, Feng Jiu's lips twitched. "How come, there are good people among humans, just like me!" Unexpectedly, the eagle glanced at her and said nothing.

    "By the way, what kind of egg is that? Where did you get it? " She asked again, looking sideways at the eagle below.

    One human and one eagle were chatting side by side in mid-air, making the people in the forest who saw it couldn't help thinking that their sights were dazzled. They rubbed their eyes and took a look again. They still saw that one person and one eagle were talking without fighting or chasing each other.

    "This Lord gave birth to it!" The eagle emphasized it again.

    Feng Jiu burst out laughing. "Hahaha, you gave birth? Are the eagles in the Hell Mountains different from those in other places, the males can lay eggs?"

    "If you say it again, this Lord won't be so easy on you!" The eagle glared at Feng Jiu with some shame. "Where's the little fatty? Where did he take my child? "


    Feng Jiu smiled. When she was about to speak, a sound was heard from the distant sky. The sound burst into the air like fireworks, forming a spark that scattered everywhere.

    When she saw the signal, Feng Jiu was surprised. But when she saw that the signal came from the deepest part of the periphery, her expression changed.

    "Damn it! How did he get there?"

    She cursed in a low voice. Her red figure flashed instantly towards the location of the fireworks. She swept out as fast as lightning so that the eagle beside her was startled. When it came to, it caught up to her in a hurry while shouting out loud, "Human, where are you going?"
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