1145 Don’t force me

    As soon as Duan Yu, Luo Fei and Song Ming who were heading for the forest saw the signal, their hearts sank. "It's bad! That's Ning Lang's distress signal! Make haste! "

    Several of them immediately rode their flying swords to look for those rays of light. When they were in the mid-air, on their flying swords, they saw a red figure at a far distance as well as the gigantic eagle at her side.

    "Did I see it correctly? Isn't that Feng Jiu and the eagle who caught Ning Lang?" Song Ming said in amazement, looking at the two distant figures somewhat confused.

    "That's Feng Jiu alright. But, how could he be with that eagle?"

    "Perhaps, he subdued that eagle?"

    Of course, they wouldn't mistake that red figure. There's no doubt that's Feng Jiu. But, what's the matter with that enormous eagle? Why was it following Feng Jiu? Wasn't Ning Lang caught by that eagle? The eagle was there. Why was Ning Lang in the deepest region?

    While listening to each of them speaking, Cloud Devouring Beast glanced at the front. "It's impossible. My master will not accept the eagle. A mere divine beast wants my master to accept it? That's unthinkable."

    A mere divine beast?

    The three looked at each other, speechless. If it were not for the Hells Mountains that connected to the Eight Supreme Empires, where would there be such a thing as insignificant divine beasts? You know, even their ancestors had no divine beasts.

    Several of them didn't talk to it anymore but accelerated their speed. When they were sweeping across the air, a flock of long-legged birds attacked them. Cloud Devouring Beast immediately released its divine beast's pressure with a low roar, shocking the birds to the ground.

    At this time, in the deepest part of the periphery, Ning Lang's face was pale. His clothes had been torn to bits and he limped along due to injuries on his calves.

    In front of him, two tigers stared at him with a drool. Although these two tigers were only sacred animals, they were flying tigers and they could run on the ground and fly in the sky. He originally thought to find Duan Ye and others, but he encountered these two beasts on his way there. They had been chasing him all along. If it hadn't been for his flying cloud boots, he would have been eaten by these two flying tigers.

    "Big Brother tigers, let's discuss. Can you not eat me? Although I'm white and fat, I'm really not delicious." While walking backwards, his speech was accompanied by a soft chuckle.

    However, the two tigers, one left and one right at his front, were watching him closely. The tigers' mouths were wide-open and drooling, exposing sharp and knife-like teeth which made Ning Lang's heart pound.

    It's finished, I have to die here this time. Either that or die without a corpse, being eaten by these two ferocious beasts. I guess only a bit of my clothes and bones will remain. Perhaps my body won't be enough for these two tigers. They will even gnaw at my bones. Then, I will really die quietly with no bones left.

    Before meeting danger, he had already thought of the worst. With the thought that he would end up dead without a corpse stirred his heart. He stared at the two flying tigers and shouted bravely.

    "You -- you'd better not force me! I tell you, I don't want to fight with you. If I fight with you, you won't have a good end. If you are sensible, leave quickly or..."
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