1147 Having great luck

    "That little fatty has run past the flying tigers' territory. Beasts other than the bears wanting to cross over the man-eating bears' territory must fight each other. Otherwise, they will only be their food after passing the flying tiger."

    The eagle explained while stepping up its speed. "We eagles are different. Terrestrial beasts can't hurt us, so we need to know the territorial boundaries better than other beasts. You'd better hurry up. Otherwise, with Little Fatty's strength, he will certainly be torn by the man-eating bear."

    Hearing this, Feng Jiu accelerated her speed again. Not long after that, they arrived at the flying tigers' territory. Below, they saw a flying tiger lying under the tree licking its injured forefoot. They kept going forward without stopping, looking for Ning Lang's whereabouts.

    After running with a hobble for some distance, Ning Lang who had escaped into the forest found that the flying tiger had not chased behind him anymore. He exhaled gently and sat down under the tree.

    "It scared me to death!" He held his injured leg and sat leaning on a tree. After looking left and right and couldn't see the flying tiger, he quickly took medicine and bandaged his injured leg.

    When he saw the injuries left by the tiger's claw on his calf, his heart shook and tears rolled down. "The two tigers bullied the defenceless me and actually wounded me like this. How terrible."

    "Hiss! It hurts so much."

    After sprinkling the medicine, his leg twitched in pain. He gritted his teeth and wrapped the wound quickly with a cloth. Sniffing a faint smell of blood in the air, he gasped and looked around.

    "Where is this? I've run this long and released many signals yet didn't meet Duan Ye and others? " He mumbled, looking around. There were only trees all around him. If not for the sun's position, he couldn't tell the direction.

    However, right while ruminating, he suddenly got petrified. He looked at the direction of the sun and was immediately dumbfounded. "This can't be serious? This, this... " How did he run in the opposite direction? He remembered that at that time they were at the periphery...


    All of a sudden, a howl came that shook his core. He held on the branches and jumped on the tree at once. He hid away among the trees and stood on an elevated place. He saw a big black bear, two or three meters tall, entering the forest and sniffing around.

    He was stunned at the scene and looked down at the blood oozing from the wound on his calf. Thus, wasn't it easy for the bear to find him?

    So he thought about it for a while. In his mind, even if he ran in the opposite direction and was far away from them, he should have been closer to the place where Feng Jiu was. So instead of hiding here, he might as well stay on the flying sword mid-air, waiting for Feng Jiu. Thus, she could find him more easily, right?

    It's just that there was a certain danger if he used his flying sword as he was now. He had to prevent ferocious beasts like the flying tiger from running out and biting him, as well as the strange man-eating birds.

    But if not leaving, it's also not safe to stay here. No matter what he chose, the risk was 50-50.

    "All right! I'll stake it all! My mother always said that I have great luck and I should not die so soon." He patted his chest with false bravado as he steadied his heart and gritted his teeth. Instead of riding his sword, he took out his flying magic artifact.
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