1149 Good boy

    "Little Fatty, give that egg back to this Lord. For this red-robed human's sake, I won't make a fuss about you stealing the egg."

    "This egg..."

    He touched the egg in his arms reluctantly, took it out and placed it on his palm and was about to hand it out albeit with some unwillingness. But, he heard a sudden cracking sound and instinctively looked down.

    He saw that there was a thin fissure on the egg. With the snap, a small head came out of the eggshell. It was a wet little thing, looking like a newly hatched chick. Suddenly, the little thing pecked his finger with its sharp beak until the finger oozed blood.


    Startled, he pulled back his hand and the little thing, as well as the eggshell, fell to the ground. The little thing jumped out of the eggshell, flapped its wings that had only some fine hairs, and then ate the eggshell.

    They saw that after the hairless little thing that looked like a new-born bird nibbled at the eggshell, its wet body got dried by a whiff of spirit energy and its hair grew at a speed visible to the naked eye. It was colourful like a parrot.

    The eagle, at the side, hurriedly came to look over. It stretched its wings and lowered them to the ground while crying out, "Good boy, come to Father."

    However, the little thing was nibbling at the eggshell. After its body developed, it looked up and rushed to Ning Lang's side. In two or three leaps, it jumped into his arms and hid directly inside his lapels with only its small head popped out.

    "Boy, boy."

    It seemed the little thing was learning a language. It stared at the eagle and uttered two words. Feng Jiu and Ning Lang started laughing.

    "Did you give birth to this little thing? It doesn't resemble you, right? Look, it called you boy." She could not stop laughing at this.

    With joy on his face, Ning Lang stroked the little thing in his arms. He was so happy that his eyes squinted into a line. "Little guy, you still have some conscience. I have worked hard to protect you all the way. You're really good."

    "Really good, really good." It rubbed itself against Ning Lang's clothes and babbled excitedly.

    The eagle was struck dumb. It watched the little thing hiding in the little fatty's arms and didn't recognize it at all. It couldn't help being stupefied and didn't react for some time.

    "What are you going to do? Otherwise, follow Ning Lang! As you can see, as soon as the little thing came out, it pecked his finger and contracted with him. This is its own contract. Now the relationship is all there. You have to, even if you don't want to admit it." Feng Jiu spoke while looking at Ning Lang and gesturing to him.

    Ning Lang understood. "Yes! You can follow me! You can protect it this way! You see, it's just born and too weak. Even though I'm not weak, if I meet another sacred beast, I may die. How about protecting it and me? I'll be in charge of your food. "

    Feng Jiu's lips twitched slightly at his last sentence and made a face. This idiot, couldn't he be serious?

    The eagle was devastated to see the child it guarded recognized a human and didn't recognize it. It felt suffocated. Hearing their words, it couldn't help resting on the ground and think about it.
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