1152 The first tribulation lightning

    Seeing this, Feng Jiu just smiled and didn't say much. She let them all rest for a while before taking them to the place where the boundary was originally laid out.

    When they returned to the place where they had lived for more than a month, several of them felt deeply moved. This trip to the Hell Mountains was worth it. Even though they were only at the outer periphery, they had gained so much knowledge.

    Their next steps were to take care of their injuries and improve their strengths.

    Ten days later.

    The wound in Ning Lang's calf gradually got better. After the wound scabbed over and fell off, it left no scar at all. He tore the cloth out and hopped on the vacant lot to make sure that the leg injury was completely healed. He came to the cave-dwelling excitedly.

    "Feng Jiu, my calf injury is alright now. It didn't even leave a scar."

    Feng Jiu, dressed in red, walked out of the cave-dwelling and saw him skipping excitedly in front of the cave. She smiled. "Your wound recovered much slower than Duan Ye's. The knife wound on his abdomen at that time was also deep. But unlike you, the flesh wasn't exposed and recovered in a few days. You've been taking care of it for nearly ten days. If it's still not getting well, I'd really smash my own reputation."

    "Should I start cultivating too? I see that they haven't come out since you set up a gathering array for them. They even consume fasting pills directly as food. "

    After seeing the other three had started cultivating in the spirit gathering array after their injuries were cured, he got somewhat impatient. He's afraid that he would fall behind them too much. After all, their strengths were about the same. Even though he's the weakest among them in terms of strength, he didn't want them to enter the Golden Core while he's still in the Foundation Building stage.

    "Your spirit gathering array has been set up for you. But, let me tell you that during your cultivation, your contracted little bird has to enter the spirit beast space. Don't call it out during this period. Since you are cultivating, you must be focused and don't be half-hearted."

    "Mm, I know. I will." He nodded to show his assent and followed Feng Jiu to the spirit gathering array nearby. He then sat cross-legged and started cultivating.

    After he entered the spirit gathering array, Feng Jiu turned around and stepped out to see where the other three were. She saw that all of them were cultivating in the spirit gathering array with their eyes closed, absorbing the spirit energy. She then turned back to the cave.

    In the meantime, the eagle flew around and occasionally returned to take a look. Cloud Devouring Beast had been guarding Feng Jiu's cave-dwelling. While several of them cultivated outside, Feng Jiu also entered the space to cultivate.

    To her surprise, the fruits of the bottle tree that she had transported inside had not ripened after such a long time and it was still green-coloured. There were not many books about spiritual fruits in her space so she still had no idea what kind of spiritual fruit it was after so many days had passed.

    However, in this period of time, she also had some gains. Her strength in the Golden Core stage had been gradually improving, making her confident that she could enter the Nascent Soul stage when she left this place.

    Nobody else, including Duan Ye and others, knew about this matter. She also didn't tell them about it.

    The days passed like this with every one of them busy cultivating Until, a few months later, one day, a clap of tribulation lightning shot down from the sky The cultivators at the outer periphery were alarmed and rushed to the place where the lightning fell to check...
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