1153 Who set the array?

    When the first tribulation lightning fell, Feng Jiu came out of the cave and had a look at several spirit gathering arrays inside the boundary. Finally, she looked at the spirit gathering array enveloped by a surge of spirit energy.

    Duan Ye was inside. His talent could be regarded as the most outstanding among them. It was not surprising that he was the first to advance. She sat cross-legged in front of his spirit gathering array and protected him.

    At this time, outside, some cultivators in the forest found the place quickly because of the surging clouds in the sky and the lightning tribulation. it was only when they got there that they were surprised to know that an array had been set up in this area.

    Many of them were walking about outside. They were obviously moving forward, seeing that the place where the tribulation lightning had struck was just ahead of them. But they found that after they went forward, they soon turned back and returned to where they started.

    "Hiss! Who set up this array? It's not an ordinary maze array that throws one off their track."

    "I went in there too and can't break in. The sight is right in front of us, but we can't get inside. The man setting up this array is an expert."

    "Is there a person advancing in this place? I'm really curious, what kind of person is this? It's a pity that no one can break this formation."

    The people outside were discussing. Even though they were curious to know who was advancing inside, no one could get into that array. Also, if someone could break it, he would not have been on the outer periphery for so long. No one had passed through this array in this region.

    Today, if it were not for the condensation of clouds and tribulation lightning in the air, they probably wouldn't have found this place.

    After seeing that they couldn't enter the array, some cultivators turned around a few times and then left. Since they all couldn't get in, then they couldn't see it either. It's useless staying here.

    Some of them had made up their minds, thinking that perhaps it's an opportunity for them while this person was advancing. So, they went around and tried to find a way to get in. Even if they couldn't get in, it would pose them no harm to destroy the advancement of the people inside.

    However, just as they were thinking that since they could not get in, it would be better to attack with fire, an old man from the group of cultivators came out.

    "This old one can break this array." An old man, dressed in a grey robe, stroked his grey beard with one hand while speaking. He looked at the people around him with some pride.

    "You can break it? Really?" Some people questioned him.

    "Of course, this is a modified version of the losing track array. Others don't understand it, but this old one has studied it for many years and is good at breaking it. I just went in and walked once. If this old one says that he can break it, naturally he's able to do it." The old man spoke confidently.

    When the people around saw it, they immediately said, "What are you waiting for if you can break it? Break it quickly! The person inside is advancing. It's the best time to take advantage of the time he's advancing to destroy him. What are you still hesitating about? In this place, even anyone has a good treasure, and if the person here dies, we can share his things equally. "

    Hearing this, the old man nodded and consented. "If you want me to break the formation array, you must promise me that you will share at least one or two magic weapons for me. If the man has any medicinal pills or liquid potions on him, those will be mine."

    The cultivators' group looked at each other and nodded. "No problem! Do what you say!" They agreed to do it, but in the end, would the man really have his life intact to leave with the goods?
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