1154 The array is not easy to break

    The old man was overjoyed to hear this. He followed the group of cultivators, but he didn't discover this array. Otherwise, he might have come to check it out a long time ago.

    However, since these people had already said so, then...

    His eyes flashed and he returned to his party, whispering something to them. Nobody knew what they talked about. They saw those people who were standing at that side nodding from time to time.

    After a while, the group of cultivators and the old man came over. They looked at the other team. "All of you, let's go inside with me!"

    "Go in? What are we going to do there? Didn't you say you can break it?" "A big man from the other team asked, looking warily at the old man in front of him.

    "This old one can break it, not this array, but the maze array. So that we can distinguish the direction and to walk out of it."

    The old man explained. He stroked his beard and looked at them. "Are you going in with me? Our team is going in as well. As previously agreed, we only need one or two magic weapons. If there are medicinal pills and liquid potions, just give them to me. "

    "Tch! Do you think we're stupid? Won't these people rob us when they're going in together? " A large man sneered and stared at the old man with his eyes showing his disbelief.

    "That won't happen. They're just escorting me in because I'm not sure about you. I don't know if I will be killed by you after I take you in." He was also on guard! How could a man who had lived for a long time really let down his guard against others?

    The group gritted their teeth when they heard this and stared at them. Seeing a lot of people around them staring, their eyes flashed. "Alright, let's go in together!"

    In that case, don't blame them for using coercion at that time.

    As a result, the two teams of people walked into the formation led by the old man. Others who saw this couldn't help but fret. They pondered inwardly that these people could be seen at a glance that they had not been here long and were not yet familiar with the rules and dangers of the place.

    In a situation like this, without knowing clearly who's the enemy, they dared to go in and scout out the place. It's really an act of seeking his own death. Moreover, the weakest among those people was in the Golden Core mid-stage. Having that kind of cultivation, they dared to come here carelessly. That's really amazing.

    Well, with those people finding the path, they might as well take a look at what kind of people were inside this array. Were they cultivators, members of a clan, or evil cultivators?

    Soon after, the dense fog inside the array blocked their line of sight, so that they could not see the figures of those who went in. After a while, there was the sound of slaughter, the clanging of swords and blood-curdling screams. The cultivators waiting outside were anxious.

    Were those the people inside? Or were the two parties fighting each other?


    A cultivator, covered in blood, staggered out. At this time, the second tribulation lightning struck and the ground shook with a crash that roared in their ears so loudly that they could not hear anything else.

    As the first cultivator rushed out while covered in blood, several others rushed out after him. These were cultivators at the Golden Core stage, but none of the Foundation Building cultivators who had followed him came out.

    On the other hand, the old man, who spoke confidently that he could break through the array, crawled out the last, with his whole body covered in blood.
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