1155 You’ll get a big share

    However, before he could crawl out completely, the man took his last breath.

    "Hiss! What's going on here? " The other cultivators around gasped, They saw several of the Golden Core cultivators were sitting on the ground catching their breath after running out.

    Those people were pale. They slumped on the ground, shivering. Their eyes were wide with fear, their lips were trembling, and they could not speak for a long time. They allowed the people around to come up and ask questions. Those people could not return to their senses.

    Seeing this, a cultivator became greedy. He stared at several Golden Core cultivators who had not yet recovered from their horror and secretly grasped his sword at the waist. At this moment, he made a move and a fierce blade light slashed across and stabbed ruthlessly at the back of a paralyzed cultivator at his side.

    When the long sword attacked, a muffled groan was heard. As the long sword was pulled out, blood splashed out and the robe of that cultivator at the back was dyed blood red...

    This sudden change was startling. After the people surrounding them recovered from their shock, they moved and retreated quickly. The reason being that Golden Core peak cultivator wasn't alone. He brought a team of twenty or thirty people.

    At first, they didn't pay much attention to these people, because the people in their team were spread out. Some were sitting under the tree at the back, some were resting on the tree, some were grouped into three or five people while talking, laughing, and drinking and drinking. It was as if they were not mixed in together.

    However, when the Golden Core peak level cultivator killed the Golden Core cultivator who was sitting paralyzed on the ground, the people behind rushed up quickly. Their posture was clearly telling the others, who would dare to come forward? Don't blame them for being unkind!

    At the sight of the cultivators, who instantly showed their fierce desire to kill, the others quickly drew back and made no attempt to fight them, for that group was obviously stronger than the others here and they were not sure they could kill their opponents.

    "Let's go!"

    As a result, the first group let out a low cry and left with their troop. One or two other clans who were learning through experience outside in the forest also left one after another and did not stay.

    At this time, the third tribulation lightning struck. After the rumbling sound, the surrounding seemed to return to calm. But, at this point, the cultivators took advantage of this time to kill those who were paralyzed on the ground and took their cosmos sacks and the like. Only one Golden Core cultivator escaped thanks to his treasure after seeing that the people around him had been killed.

    "Damn it! That old fellow escaped. He must have something good on him." A cultivator spoke out while looking at the Golden Core cultivator who disappeared in an instant. His eyes filled with regrets.

    It's a pity that the prey was gone.

    "Leave him alone. Clear the battlefield quickly and send a few men to guard the perimeter." The Golden Core peak level cultivator who was their leader spoke in a gloomy voice. He motioned the people under his command to quickly collect things such as cosmos sacks.

    "Boss, there are many dead people inside. Shall we go in and have a look? Those corpses all carried cosmos sacks, maybe there are many good things. " A large man suggested. When he thought about those people who didn't come out after entering the array, he thought about their money and treasure.

    Hearing this, the Golden Core peak level cultivator who was their leader spoke. "Do you dare to go in? Alright, you go in! You'll get a big share of the goods."
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