1156 Successful Condensing of the core

    The large man smiled sheepishly when he heard this. "Well... I dare not go in." What a joke. It's good to have money, but if he lost his life, that much money would be useless. Letting him get in? What if he died in there?

    Another man came up. "The three bolts of tribulation lightning have struck. The people in this place should have broken through. Boss, I don't think we can stay here any longer. We must leave immediately, otherwise, when those people come out, just..."

    "Mm, round up the brothers. Let our whole team depart!"

    The Golden Core peak level cultivator shouted loudly while waving his hand. All the men gathered quickly, formed a defensive troop and left quickly, leaving only corpses on the ground and a lingering smell of blood in the air...

    Inside the boundary, Feng Jiu was sitting cross-legged and didn't pay any attention to the movements outside. She only asked Cloud Devouring Beast to check while she kept guarding closely here.

    Feng Jiu finally smiled with relief when she saw the three bolts of tribulation lightning struck down, the spirit energy breath on Duan Ye's body burst forth and his strength made a leap to cross the threshold and enter the Golden Core stage, and the surrounding spirit energy breath gradually came to a halt.

    Fortunately, he successfully advanced.

    Also, it's abnormal if he didn't advance with the help of her potions. Not to mention, Duan Ye's own talent wasn't ordinary. It's only a matter of time before he entered the Golden Core stage.

    As all the spirit energy breath was absorbed into his body, Duan Ye, who had both his eyes shut at that moment, saw a tiny Golden Core was floating in his field with his divine sense.

    So, that's the Golden Core. He finally entered the Golden Core stage and became a Golden Core cultivator!

    He got so excited at the thought. When he opened his eyes, he saw the figure in red sitting cross-legged not far at the front. He couldn't help smiling when he saw her.

    She's not his close relative, yet much better than a family member. She was called a mentor but was like a friend. Feng Jiu, how lucky was he to get to know her?

    "Feng Jiu, I've advanced."

    His baby face broke into a smile. It was an unrestrained happy smile, a pure and bright beaming face which made those who'd seen it smile in turn.

    Even if his heart had a lot of things to say and endless gratitude, he couldn't express it. Duan Ye would remember her grace in helping him grow forever.

    "Mm, it's great that you've made it to the next stage."

    There were no unnecessary words or praise. She only spoke a simple sentence, but it let Duan Ye's mood soar like a child's delight when he got sugar.

    He got up and came over to that young man in red's side. With a relaxed tone and a face wreathed with smiles, he asked, "Am I the first one to advance?" During this cultivation period, he blocked out all his six senses and was absorbed in the cultivation. He didn't know what was going on with those several others.

    "Correct. You're the first one to advance. Let's go! I'll bring you to take a look at them." She chuckled and went with him to where the others were. Inside the boundary, the four men had their spirit gathering array in four separate directions.

    When the two came to the place where the other three were and looked at each of them, finally, they stopped over at Song Ming's spirit gathering array.

    "After you, the next person to enter the Golden Core should be Song Ming." Feng Jiu spoke while watching Song Ming who was sitting cross-legged as a robust spirit energy surged forth from his body.

    "I can stay and protect him."

    He looked at Feng Jiu at his side. "Aren't you also cultivating? Now that I have advanced, I will help to protect them!"
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