1158 A fierce gale sprang up

    In the following two months, Luo Fei only advanced a few days earlier from Ning Lang. Everyone in the outer periphery had become used to the sounds of tribulation lightning emanating from this place.

    They could do nothing about it. At first, they were amazed, then shocked, and finally, they became numb to it all. They didn't have to take a look to know that it must have been those people inside the array who had advanced.

    They didn't dare provoke such powerful people casually. Some of them had already planned to dispatch their people to guard, thinking that when those people came out, it was also a good thing to take advantage of the opportunity to seek connections and make friends.

    That day, Duan Ye, Ning Lang and others in their group of four sat in a circle. They were opposite each other and kept silent. Their mood at this time was complex because the one-year period had arrived.

    If not for Feng Jiu still staying inside the cave-dwelling and hadn't come out, they would have left this place and went their separate ways!

    "The year had gone by so fast. It felt like time passed in the blink of an eye." Song Ming sighed with sorrow. When he thought of parting as soon at the one year mark, he felt sad and reluctant to part.

    "The thought of parting with Feng Jiu makes me uneasy." At this time, there was no smile on Duan Ye's babyface, only sadness and reluctance.

    "Yes! It's the same with me. I want to go home. I think it must be much more interesting to keep following Feng Jiu everywhere than to stay at home and to balance the accounts."

    Ning Lang propped his fleshy chin on both hands. Even if he entered the Golden Core stage and became a Golden Core cultivator, he didn't look like one. On the contrary, he was like a naughty kid.

    "Didn't Feng Jiu say that he would still take us back to the academy? Don't worry, we will be with him for some time! And, even if we part ways, we can still go find him in the future! " Luo Fei told the others. "Isn't he from Six Star Academy? We know where he is, so we won't be afraid of losing track."

    They glanced at him. "Did you cultivate too much and forgot that his other identity was Ghost Doctor? Who'd know if his identity at the Six Star Academy's fake or not."

    "Then we can ask him! He won't even refuse to tell us where his family is after such a long time together, will he?"

    "That's difficult to say."

    Ning Lang spoke out, "Although I didn't pay much attention before, I also know that Ghost Doctor has a very strong reputation and many forces want to look for him. But aside from the Black Market that has made friends with Ghost Doctor, those people had no clue about Ghost Doctor's true identity and of his origin."

    "Can he come from the first-grade country?"

    "How is that possible? Will first-grade country's people go to Six Star Academy?"

    "It's also difficult to say. We've been together for so long. You guys know that he's quite eccentric. What's so strange about people from first-class countries running off to Six Star Academy?"

    At this point, several of them said nothing, since they thought that it was really possible.

    "Won't Cloud Devouring Beast know? Let's ask." Ning Lang's eyes brightened at the sight of Cloud Devouring Beast outside the cave-dwelling.

    "It's more difficult to get Cloud Devouring Beast to talk than to get a stone to open its mouth. Forget it." Luo Fei waved his hand.

    While they were talking, suddenly, the aura in the air seemed to change. Stunned, they quickly stood up and looked at the sky. Layers of dark clouds were floating in the sky. A surge of vital energy breath seemed to cover the whole sky.

    A fierce gale sprung up on the ground and in the sky. Flying sands, gravels, fallen leaves and dust were fluttering about, blurring people's vision.
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