1161 Uncontrollable

    "The cultivators out there will probably work together to try and break through the array together." Song Ming said, his expression looked imposing.

    Although they are Golden Core stage, they have not long entered the Golden Core stage. If it was a battle, they would find it difficult to exert the fighting power a Golden Core cultivator should have.

    There were also the people outside. There were only the four of them plus two beasts. If they really got into a battle, the few of them wouldn't be able to stop the hundreds of people outside from besieging them.

    "We should be fine if we stay inside this array." Duan Ye said, looking at the others: "Feng Jiu told us not to leave the array."

    "I'm afraid this array won't be able to hold them off for long." Ning Lang said as he paced around and looked in the direction of the cave dwelling from time to time. It was strange, the wind and clouds had been surging for a while now, so why hasn't the thunder cracked down yet?

    "Even if it can't hold them off we will have to."

    Luo Fei said: "If the array can't hold them off then we will hold them off. Although there are only the four of us, we have Cloud Devouring Beast who is a Spirit Beast, and we also have Flaming Lion even if it is only a Sacred Beast. If the eagle could come back then that would be even better. No matter how hard it is, we will keep it up. I believe as long as we work together, we will be able to hold out until Feng Jiu advances to the next level."

    "That's right! We will hold them off no matter what!" They looked at each other and shouted in unison. They stacked their hands together: "This is what we must do!"

    Feng Jiu had guarded and protected them, now it was their turn to guard and protect her!

    Cloud Devouring Beast sat next to him and looked up but did not speak. After looking at them, he looked up in the sky then at the cave dwelling that was absorbing all the spiritual energy around it.

    How long would Master's advancement progress last this time?

    Outsiders didn't know that at this time, Feng Jiu's body was surging with spiritual energy and her body was absorbing the vitality from the surrounding trees. There was even a slight change to the Ancient Sacred Beast Fire Phoenix who was meditating in space at this time.

    Old White who was guarding them inside space was afraid to approach when he saw this and only observed quietly from afar.

    Inside space, Fire Phoenix's curling flame was like that of a newborn baby rotating around. The breath of spiritual power that flowed in from outside increased its training speed and its body experienced some subtle changes.

    This was unbeknown to the people outside.

    Feng Jiu was sat cross-legged and the green lotus that was inside her dantian was glowing with a cyan coloured light and rotating around, absorbing the vitality from outside greedily.

    The absorption was uncontrollable, even Feng Jiu couldn't stop it. Otherwise she wouldn't have allowed herself to continue absorbing and cause such a big commotion.

    When she had first advanced, her body absorbed the spiritual energy and vitality from outside freely until it was all inside her body. Feng Jiu was finally able to gradually control it after attempting it.

    However, even so, the absorbed vitality could not be returned and because the trees had lost their vitality, all that were left was just dead trees.


    The sound of the first thunder struck through the sky and came crashing down. The momentum was so powerful that the people who were trying to break the array were so shocked they crouched down.

    The whole ground seemed to have cracked, then they heard an indistinct loud bang that drifted from within the array. It was a clicking sound, like something had cracked.....

    It wasn't just the people on the outside who were startled. Even Duan Ye and the rest inside the array were startled.
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