1162 Just The Last One Lef

    When they looked back, they saw that there was a crack in the cave dwelling. The crack spread a little by little until there was a click sound and a big rock tumbled down.


    They took a deep breath and couldn't help but felt a little shocked: "Is Feng Jiu going to be okay inside? If the cave dwelling collapses, will he be buried alive inside?"

    "What are you saying? How is that possible?" Ning Lang glared at Luo Fei, but his palm was wet with cold sweat.

    They waited and waited, they felt even more uneasy than when they were advancing levels themselves. On one hand, they had to worry about the people on the outside breaking through the array, and on the other hand, they were worried that something may have happened to Feng Jiu inside.

    After all, the success rate for people who advanced to the Golden Core stage was high, but the success rate for people who advanced to the Nascent Soul stage was not quite the same. Fortunately she was an alchemist and a pharmacist so she should have something to assist her. If it was other people, they would most definitely die.

    The tribulation lightning of the Nascent Soul stage wasn't easy to bear. If one had no medicine or elixir, who would dare try to break through to the Nascent Soul stage advancement?

    The people on the outside were in a fluster because they wanted to get inside before the third thunder struck, otherwise they would be at a great disadvantage if the person inside were to attain advancement and their strength greatly increased.

    However, the faster they wanted to get through, the more they couldn't get past the array. Also, the array that Feng Jiu had laid out was mapped out one after another, it wouldn't be so easy to break through.

    After the first tribulation lightning had struck down, the second tribulation lightning still had not struck down by evening. The cultivators on the outside rejoiced in their hearts at this. When they saw the sky had darkened, they quickly had some people light up torches as they hoped to find a solution soon.

    By this time, they had spent a whole day and broke two arrays consecutively. However, there were arrays within arrays and traps which made it unpredictable. The further back they reached, the longer it took for them to break the array.


    At midnight, when the atmosphere of the whole forest was strange and the cultivators were unable to resist the intensity of the situation and rested nervously, a flash of lightning flew across the sky and a loud boom came crashing down again.

    The second tribulation lightning had struck, startling everyone who was resting on the ground. They had jumped up in fright and rubbed their eyes then tried to break through the arrays again with the torches.

    However, the dark night had brought a lot of inconvenience to the people who were trying to break through the arrays. Not only did they not succeed, some people died when they accidentally touched the hidden traps in the arrays. Ultimately, they stopped.

    With the lack of light, they were unable to break through the arrays. They couldn't disregard their lives for the sake of breaking through the arrays. They weren't selfless enough to sacrifice their own lives for others.

    Within the arrays, Duan Ye and the rest were afraid to close their eyes. They guarded the arrays and counted down the tribulation lightnings. When the second tribulation lightning fell, they exhaled lightly in relief.

    After the second tribulation lightning had struck, there was one more tribulation lightning to go, it was just the last one left.

    At first they thought that it would take a long time for Feng Jiu to advance into the Nascent Soul stage, maybe even ten days to half a month before advancement was completed. But now that the second tribulation lightning had struck, they only had to wait for the last one.

    They believed that they didn't have to wait much longer. When they thought about this, they couldn't help but feel excited.
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