1164 The Strong

    The powerful air currents blew over them like water ripples, each layer pushing outwards. As they were lying on the ground face down, they were unable to look up. The dust and fallen leaves rolled around in the wind and they had no choice but to close their eyes.

    The powerful air current rushed out from the array, layers upon layers rolled outwards and pushed the cultivators within the array out of the way. Some of them were pushed into the hidden traps within the arrays and shot to death, some fled in fear and fell to the ground in their moment of panic.

    As the air current rushed outside, the dust and leaves were rolled into the current and everyone was covered with dust and falling leaves. At this moment, everyone closed their eyes and used their clothes to wrap their heads to prevent the wind and sand from getting into their eyes.

    Therefore, no one saw that in the first array, when the last tribulation lightning had shot down and the air current was surging, a blaze of flame had shot up into the sky. The flame had formed into the shape of a phoenix with its wings converging into the dark sky. It was extremely dazzling in the dark sky. A sound like that of a phoenix bird spread across the dark forest, echoing for a long time.....

    No one around saw this, but some people in the depths of the forest saw it. As soon as the cultivators saw the flame of the phoenix rise into the sky and the shrill cry of the phoenix resounded through the forest, they set off on their flying swords immediately and came from all directions....

    The strong men in the forest were from the Eight Great Empires, the place known as the City Of The Sky. With the strong men arriving, even with their magic weapons, they wouldn't be able to get to the outer circle in a flash.

    The fastest person to get to the outer circle was an old man dressed in grey clothes. It had taken him less than an hour to get here from the inner circle. The figure blew through the night like a shooting star. In the dark night, it was extremely bright like the moonlight.

    When the old man stood in mid-air, a powerful coercion of his Nascent Soul strength pervaded from his body. When the pressure came out, the two hundred cultivators around paled in shock. They all knelt down one by one not daring to raise their heads.

    "What are you all doing here?" The old and majestic voice was sharp and cold.

    Everyone's knees shuddered and no one dared to answer him. No one dared to look up and see who that person was either until that voice shouted again.


    "Your, your honor, we, we are trying to break through the arrays, but, but we haven't been able to get inside." One person trembled as he replied.

    In mid-air, when the strong man heard what the cultivator said, he glanced down and waved his sleeve. Sounds of banging could be heard, the fog disappeared and the arrays were broken revealing the scene inside.

    After the arrays were broken, the old man came down from mid-air, his robe whisked slightly as he walked step by step forwards until he reached the front of the array and extended a finger.

    A ray of light flashed swaying like water ripples and with a bang, the array gave way and the old man walked in.

    When the crowd behind him heard the sounds, they lifted their heads slightly and carefully looked forwards. They saw only the back of the old man as he walked inside. As for what was inside, other than a burning flame, there was nothing else, not even the people they thought were advancing to the next level......
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