1165 The People Have Lef

    Without needing to walk in, the old man was able to use his spirit intent to sweep across the array and he knew that there was no one inside after the array was broken. With one hand behind his back, his eyes narrowed sharply and he stared at the cave dwelling for a long time before he turned around and asked.

    "Who lived here originally?"

    "Your, your Honor, we don't know. We've never seen anyone come out from there."

    When he heard this, a flash of light gleamed in the old man's eyes. They must have left, how eager.

    He had rushed here from the depths of the forest because he had sensed the pressure of the ancient sacred breath. He hadn't expected the person to have left even though he had rushed here as quickly as possible.

    However, he could sense that the person had only just advanced and must not be of bad character and had a strong sense of crisis. It was unexpected that this kind of person would exist in lower grade countries.

    "What's wrong with the trees in this area? Why are they all withered?" He glanced at the surrounding trees and was surprised to see that all the trees had lost their life and vitality.

    "Your Honor, it was the person inside advancing. Sudden gales of winds rolled into strong air currents absorbing the breath of spiritual energy around here and drew away the life and vitality of the trees. That's what's happened."

    When he heard this, the old man's expression shifted slightly. Lost life? What kind of method was that? Was there such a method? This was someone from a lower grade country? Or was it someone from the Eight Great Empires practising here?

    As soon as the idea came into his head, he rejected it immediately.

    Although the formations and arrays were quite good, it was obvious that the person who laid there was not higher than Golden Core stage, so it couldn't be possible that it was someone from the Eight Great Empires. So did the person have a treasure on him?

    As he thought about that, he raised his sleeves and he lifted up into the air. It had taken him less than an hour to get here so if he were to search, he would search in this area.

    After the old man left, the people on the ground waited for a while and when they couldn't hear any movement, they raised their heads to look. When they couldn't see anyone, they relaxed and stood up wiping their cold sweat and rubbing their legs.

    "He must be a strong man from the Eight Great Empires. His coercion is too powerful."

    "My legs have gone soft from fear, luckily he didn't kill us."

    "That's right. The strong men from the Eight Great Empires aren't the same. We tried for so long and still couldn't break the arrays but he broke through them as soon as he arrived."

    "But where did the people inside go? Why are they not inside? We have been outside this whole time so they couldn't have come out."

    "Could they have left from the other side of the mountain? Look at the mountain by the cave dwelling. Maybe they left from here in the middle of the night?"

    "But why did the strong man want to find the person inside here? Did the person possess treasures? Otherwise, how can the strong men from the inner circle be enticed to come out here?"

    As he spoke, there were several swooshes and many figures appeared in mid-air hovering above their heads in the sky.

    Feeling the strong breath and power from the people hovering above them, the cultivators who had only just got up from the ground knelt back down again quickly.

    "Greetings your, your Honors."

    They shuddered as they spoke, their faces pale as their foreheads touched the ground. Inside they were cursing the person who was inside the array for running away and leaving them here with this burden.
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