1166 Fortunately They Had Lef

    The people who had arrived here at the same time glanced at each other and one of them asked: "What was that flash of fire earlier?"

    "Fire, flash of fire? We don't know anything about that!"

    "Impudence!" A loud and deep voice shoute. Coercion struck out and caused the blood in everyone's chest below to churn, blood spilling out at the corners of their mouths.

    "The fire struck into the sky, you dare say you didn't see anything?" That cultivator's pressure filled his whole body as he looked down at the cultivators, leaving them speechless.

    Upon seeing this, one of the female cultivators in that group chuckled and said: " Why are you so rash? Maybe they really didn't see anything?"

    When he heard that, the male cultivator didn't say anything else but just flicked his sleeves and stood there waiting for her to continue speaking.

    The female cultivator smiled lightly and looked at the people below. She asked: "What do you know? Just tell us everything."

    "At some point someone had advanced inside, and not just once. We were curious and wanted to see if there was some treasure inside. It's just that we have been unable to break through the arrays laid out here. Earlier, an elder came and broke all the arrays. It was then we realised that the person inside had already left. I assume that the elder is searching for him and headed in that direction. "

    The cultivator replied and pointed in the direction of the mountain peak. He wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. Only God knew how much fear he had and how much he had endured just so he didn't stutter when he spoke.

    Upon hearing the words of the person down below, the people in mid-air looked at each other and glided in the direction of the mountain peak.

    The people on the ground breathed a sigh of relief and quickly spread out after those people had left for the mountain peak. They didn't dare to gather together again in case they came back angry when they couldn't find the person.

    At the same time, in another part of the forest, Feng Jiu finally came to a stop after having left with them swiftly and travelled for some time.

    "Have a break! Remember, if someone comes you must remain calm and not mention anything that had happened earlier." She said to them calmly.

    They looked at each other and asked: "Why did we run the moment we came out? And why did we leave in secret? Even if you have advanced into the Nascent Soul stage, it's not that big a deal, is it?"

    They were taken aback by it all. She had come out not long after the third sky thunder had struck. They didn't know why she had taken them with her and left secretly in such a hurry. They had flown for a long distance without stopping.

    "There was too much movement entering the Nascent Soul stage and it will definitely attract the strong men of the inner circles of Hell Mountains. If we can avoid them we should as we are not their opponents." She said slowly. She knew that they didn't see the flame of the Fire Phoenix shoot into the sky but they heard the sound of the phoenix.

    "Do you mean the sound of the phoenix? Why was there a sound of a phoenix? That sound...."

    They looked at Feng JIu, uncertainty in their hearts as they felt that this was another thing they didn't know about.

    Moreover, it must have been something extraordinary to have attracted the strong men from the depths. Also, why did her advancement cause anything with vitality to die? Uncertainty rose in their hearts but they didn't ask anymore. If she was willing to tell them, she would without them asking.

    "That is my life contract beast."

    Feng Jiu said and looked up in the sky at the silhouettes that flew across, her expression imposing: "Sure enough it has attracted the people from the depths. Good thing we left quickly." After she had advanced they had left immediately without any delay, otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.
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