1401 Seems Better Than Me

    Shangguan Wanrong glanced at him, her eyebrows twisted slightly and she said indifferently: "No need, keep hold of your things and get out." She ordered curtly.

    The man named Hu stiffened as he felt slightly embarrassed: "Martial Uncle Shangguan....."

    "Get out! Boom!"

    Her voice became colder as her palm slammed heavily on the stone table making a loud bang.

    Feng Jiu, who was standing at the side, was observing the whole time. When she had lifted her hand to slam the table, the scar on her wrist was inadvertently exposed. Her eyes flashed and her expression wavered slightly.

    A scar? Why was there a scar? Here in Third Sun Peak, she was Master Third Sun's very own disciple, how would she hurt herself?

    Her gaze was fixed on her wrist. The injury seemed to be a new injury and it looked like it was caused by a whiplash, but also not quite like a whiplash...

    While she was deep in her thoughts, she saw that Senior Brother Hu's face was dark like thunder at being expelled and embarrassed. He lifted the basket and said in an impulsive tone: "I have disturbed Martial Uncle, I shall take my leave!"

    As soon as he had spoken, he turned around and left, stopping to take a look at Feng Jiu: "Why are you standing there stupidly? Put the herbs down and leave with me."

    "Ah! But..." She had finally made it here with much difficulty and she had to leave?

    "Give me the herbs!"

    A voice drifted over and Feng Jiu raised her eyes and looked over, she saw her mother standing in front of her. Her lips moved slightly and she wanted to call out, but she managed to stop herself.

    She gathered her thoughts. Her eyes were fixed on her mother as a smile appeared on her face. Her voice was light and friendly: "Martial Unce, My name is Feng Jiu."

    "Your surname is Feng?"

    She stared, slightly startled, at the young boy with the innocent smile standing in front of her. The young boy's eyes were staring brightly back at her with strange admiration and her heart stirred slightly.

    The feeling the young boy gave her was inexplicably strange. She had obviously never met him before, but she seemed to have an inexplicable sense of familiarity to him. This feeling warned her cold, hard expression a little bit and her expression softened.

    The surname Feng.... What a familiar and yet distant surname.

    "Yes, my surname is Feng. Senior Brother Guo had to go down the mountain at the last minute so sent me to deliver the herbs instead."

    She replied and her eyes narrowed as she smiled. She had a sudden impulse to tell her that her father's name is Feng Xiao, but she was afraid that she would startle her, and.....

    Why was there a new injury on her hand? She had to investigate this matter.

    "Alright, you may leave." She said and took the basket of medicine from Feng Jiu.

    "Yes." She responded and bowed. After looking deeply at her for a long time, she turned and walked out.

    She told herself that she was not in a hurry to reunite with her mother. They were both staying at Third Sun Peak, there were plenty of opportunities.

    After the two of them walked out, the boundary barrier was activated again, isolating the distance between inside and outside. After stepping outside, Feng Jiu looked back and heard the sinister voice of the man named Hu.

    "Martial Uncle Shangguan's attitude towards you seems better than to me."

    Feng Jiu was stunned when she heard this, and her expression turned cold immediately: "Of course not, Senior Brother Hu, you're overthinking things. This is my first time meeting Martial Uncle Shangguan and I only run errands. Martial Uncle Shangguan only asked me a few questions because the person who usually delivers the medical herbs has changed."

    Upon hearing that, the man named Hu nodded: "Yes, that makes sense. Besides, you're just an errand boy after all." With that, he flicked his sleeves up, turned and left.
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