1168 Where there are strong people, there will also be a lot of weak people

    Luo Fei who was talking looked at the old man and said: "Senior, you don't know but that place is filled with arrays and there were a lot of cultivators there. Our numbers are small so we didn't dare go forward."

    "Didn't dare go forward?" The old man's eyes flickered over all of them as he pondered over their words.

    A silly smile filled Ning Lang's chubby face as he scratched his head and said: "That's right! My father made it clear that when there are a lot of people, don't go near and don't fight with others over things. Senior, is there something you need?"

    When he heard this, the old man looked at NIng Lang and asked: "Did you see any suspicious people pass by?"

    "Suspicious people?"

    Feng Jiu thought for a moment and replied: "I think there was one but I couldn't see the person clearly. I only know he was a middle-aged man in gray robes who flew on a flying sword very low through the forest. He disappeared after a while and we didn't dare to say anything."

    The old man's expression changed and he said: "Where did he go?" It was plausible for a middle-aged man to enter the Nascent Soul stage. As for the teenagers in front of him, the one in red robes was Golden Core Middle-Stage and the others were Golden Core Early-Stage.

    Therefore, he wouldn't have thought that these people would have had anything to do with the person he was looking for.

    After they watched the old man glance at them and leave with a swish of his sleeve, they finally looked at each other and sat back down by the tree. Was the danger finally over?

    "We will leave at first light." Feng Jiu said, looking up at the sky: "You all sleep! I will keep watch."

    They glanced at each other and said: "We can't fall asleep anyway, why don't we leave now?"

    Feng Jiu smiled: "Afraid?"

    "Afraid? Not really. But that man's strength was so strong that we couldn't even see through his cultivation level. He's definitely not just a Nascent Soul cultivator."

    "Yes, he's definitely not a Nascent Soul cultivator. Those who can enter Hell Mountains cultivation level are higher than the Nascent Soul?" She whispered. As she looked up at the stars in the sky, her eyes yielded.

    She had already entered the Nascent Soul stage. Although her ten year contract was not up yet, she could still go to the Eight Great Empires. But before that, she had to make a trip to the First Grade Country and bring her mother back in glory to reunite with her father. Only then would she be able to go to the Eight Great Empires with ease.

    When they heard this, their hearts stirred. They asked: "Then what stage is higher than Nascent Soul?"

    Out of all the countries, no matter how big or small, even the First Grade Countries, the highest cultivation level was the Nascent Soul stage. So what was the stage above Nascent Soul?

    Was it as powerful and strong as the strong man earlier? Was he so powerful that he was able to kill them with just one look and a spirit intent?

    "What is the level above the Nascent Soul stage?" Feng Jiu murmured quietly. After a long time, a smile appeared on her lips: "Since we are not in contact right now, it's a waste of time talking about it. When we are in contact again in the future, maybe we will find out."

    She paused and then continued speaking: "Actually, not all the cultivators in the Eight Great Empires will be higher than the Nascent Soul stage. The person earlier had an uncommon amount of power and strength, so his status must be extraordinary. But there aren't many of such people. On the contrary, where there are strong people, there will also be a lot of weak people."
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