1170 Why Is It You?

    Upon seeing this, she stepped down from her flying feather and walked over to the pile of treasures. With a flick of her sleeves, she kept everything into space. At this moment, the snake tapped its tail and sprawled on the floor and hissed. It looked like it wanted to move forwards but was afraid that she would be scared and run off. She couldn't help but smile.

    "I will accept these items from you. I will also give you something in return as a courtesy!" She threw a bottle of medicine at the snake and the snake caught it between its mouth.

    "The elixir in the bottle can help you advance to a spirit beast level. This is my compensation to you." After she finished speaking, she flew back up to join the others.

    As they looked down at the giant snake raising its head and shaking its tail, as if it was saying goodbye to them, they were a little surprised.

    Snakes were cold-blooded animals, they were the least emotional things. Snakes gave people a blood-thirsty, cold and ruthless feeling. They hadn't expected a highly venomous snake would give them gifts.

    "Okay, let's go! We shouldn't stay here for too long." Feng Jiu said and led them out of the forest.

    Compared to when they had first entered the forest and couldn't figure out the directions and where they were, after living in here for nearly a year, they were familiar with the way out.

    When they first went into the forest, they were Foundation Formation Stage cultivators. After nearly a year, they were Golden Core Stage cultivators. They were inexplicably excited just thinking about it. When they returned home and their families saw that their strength had increased, they would no doubt be overjoyed.

    They left the forest in a happy mood. But when they arrived at Tree Spirit Forest where they couldn't fly, Feng Jiu heard a loud horrible sound before they came down from mid-air.

    "What's wrong?" They asked her.

    "Look at the people below, do they look familiar?" She gestured and pointed to the intersection of the two forests where a shadowy figure was lurking in the ravine.

    "Familiar? We don't have any acquaintances here but we probably have enemies." Luo Fei said, glancing down. The figure was dirty and seemed to be injured.

    "Who is that?" Ning Lang asked. He looked down but didn't recognise the person.

    "Let's go down to take a look." As soon as Feng Jiu finished speaking, her flying feather swept down from mid-air and in a blink of an eye she arrived at the ravine.

    The man that was hiding in the ravine seemed to be aware of someone's arrival but he didn't move, nor did he run. He just sat there and leaned against the mud, nibbling on the bark.

    Feng Jiu approached slowly step by step. When she saw the man, she couldn't help but be startled: "It's you?"

    This man was the Golden Core mercenary and he was also the person who had helped them once. But, why was he here? How did he get himself into such an awkward situation?

    "Oh, you're the mercenary!" Ning Lang also recognised him and exclaimed: "What happened to you?"

    When they heard this, Duan Ye and Luo Fei also remembered the man. However, they hadn't expected the mercenary to end up like this. What happened? After all, he was a Golden Core cultivator, how did he end up in such an awkward situation?

    The mercenary chewed on the bark and looked up at them. His calm eyes were surprised when he saw them: "It's you?"

    "Is your leg injured?" Feng Jiiu asked. Before he was able to answer, she said to the people next to her: "Help him out of there so that I can inspect his wound."
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