1172 You Saved My Life

    "Don't I look like one?"

    "You do." He looked at Feng Jiu, whose head never looked up while she tended to his wound: "Your technique is very skillful."

    "Maybe it's because I get injured quite often or I help others bandage their wounds." She looked up at him and smiled: "However, unlike you, I don't save people easily and defend injustice."

    The mercenary froze as he knew that the young boy was talking about the first time they had met when he had protected them. While he was still in a daze thinking about the boy's words, he heard a crack. Beads of sweat appeared from his forehead and he groaned.

    "Alright, I've reset the bones, the next step is to apply the medicine." She said and looked up at him. When she saw his forehead was covered in sweat, she smiled and said: "Relax, it won't hurt much longer. "

    The rest of them on the side grinned: "You are so lucky that you met us here. Otherwise you would probably be dragged away by fierce beasts or waste away here."

    "Enough chatting, take a look inside your cosmos sacks and see who has pants that he can wear and give it to him." After Feng Jiu had finished treating his injuries on his thigh, she walked aside to wash his hands with some water.

    "He is too big for our clothes, he definitely can't fit into them. But we have a lot of other people's clothes from the things we have obtained. There should be something he can wear."

    Ning Lang said and took out a cosmos sack to look through. Not long later, he dug out a set of clothes and compared it for size against the mercenary on the ground then laughed: "Well, this should be fine."

    "Come, I have something to say to you." Luo Fei pulled Feng Jiu to one side and asked in a low voice: "What should we do now? There's one more person now. Should we stay here and wait for his injuries to heal and leave together??

    "Yes, we will wait for his leg injury to heal and we can leave together." Feng Jiu nodded and replied.

    "We are really going to leave together? The mercenary's fracture won't heal in just a few days." Luo Fei looked over at the mercenary. Although he felt sorry for him, but to stay here with him for ten days to half a month...

    Feng Jiu smiled: "There's no need. Just let him rest, he will be able to walk within three days."

    "Oh? How is that possible? It's a fracture." Luo Fei said. When he saw Feng Jiu's confidence, he couldn't help but swallow the doubt in his heart.

    Forget it! If she said it would be fine then it would be! Anyway, they weren't in a hurry to leave. Also, at this time, the strong men from the depths of the forest having not found them would have probably left the forest by then. They could afford to stay ten days to half a month if they needed to.

    So, they rested there. Although they had food stored in their space, if they wanted to feast on a big meal, there was not enough food. Therefore, the four of them split into two groups, with one of them collecting branches, and the other two hunting game. Feng Jiu stayed behind with the mercenary.

    "You have all advanced to Golden Core cultivators?" The mercenary looked at Feng Jiu, unable to hide the surprise in his eyes.

    Feng Jiu nodded: "Yes! We advanced some time ago, that's why we were planning to go home. Our training has ended." She paused and then asked: "Will you return to the Mercenary Team?"

    He looked at the young boy for a very long time and finally replied: "You saved my life. Please give me a chance to repay you."
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