1173 Mercenary Bi Shan

    Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu smiled lightly and waved her hand: "I saved you because you were once kind to us and spoke out to protect us. We are even!"

    The mercenary narrowed his eyes and looked down as he spoke slowly: "I have no relatives and friends. I have followed the Mercenary Team everywhere and I have saved at least half of the team's lives. However, when I couldn't fight anymore and was unable to walk, they left me behind. Not one of them spoke up for me. They even took my cosmos sack and all my belongings away, leaving me with only a rusty dagger. I will never go back to the Mercenary Team."

    Feng Jiu listened with one hand on her chin, but didn't speak.

    "Young Master, let me leave with you! I can be your guard. I will protect you. I am a Golden Core cultivator, once my injuries have healed, I can still deal with some people."

    "I don't lack guards and I don't need anyone's protection! Shall I ask them on your behalf?" She tilted her head as she asked him.

    "Young Master, you are my saviour." He looked at Feng Jiu with determination.

    Feng Jiu frowned as she thought about it. She knew from their first encounter that this person's heart wasn't bad. Otherwise, she wouldn't have come down to save him when she saw that it was him.

    But to follow her? She had no shortage of people around her.

    "Young Master, I am good at tracking and finding paths. I am notorious for my skills at tracking within the Mercenary Team. If Young Master takes me with him, maybe one day I might be helpful."

    Feng Jiu's fingers on her chin tapped her face lightly as she thought for a while. Finally, she said: "In order to become my people, you must take an oath. The one thing I can't stand is betrayal."

    He was happy when he heard those words and immediately raised two fingers as he prepared to take oath. Light flashed between his eyebrows as the mercenary said: "Young Master is Bi Shan's Master from now on."

    "What master?"

    Luo Fei and Duan Ye walked back carrying a wild boar, followed by Ning Lang and Song Ming.

    "I took him in." Feng Jiu turned back to look at them and smiled.

    "Oh? You took him in? Why didn't you take us too?"

    Ning Lang ran back once he heard her words. He threw the branches to one side and walked over to Feng Jiu: "Feng Jiu, take us in too! We will be your younger brothers."

    "What? I can't be bothered with the few of you. I'm telling you, once we leave this place, you better report back at the Academy by yourselves. I have something to do! I won't take you back."

    "Ah? You're not coming back with us?" They pulled a long face when they heard this. They had thought that they would be returning to the Academy together!

    "No, there is something I need to do urgently." She said with a smile.

    "Then how will we look for you in the future?"

    "Why do you need to look for me? Haven't you guys have caused me enough trouble this past year? If we can help it, we won't see each other." She said with a fake smile and waved her hand, refusing to tell them how they could find her.

    "Ah! How can you do this?" They stared at her.

    "Of course, if you go to the Eight Great Empires in the future, we may meet again." She smiled lightly and looked at them: "However, if you can't get there, don't say that I have taught you before and don't tell anyone that we know each other."
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