1175 Follow Me

    "What are you doing?" Ning Lang asked. When he saw Bi Shan walking, he was stunned: "Isn't your leg fractured?"

    Duan Ye and the rest were also shocked when they saw him walking, his injuries obviously healed. But, how was that possible? Wasn't his bone broken? No matter how good the medicine was, it couldn't have healed so quickly could it?

    "Yes, it's healed. Look, I can walk and I can jump." He said happily. He shook his originally injured leg which was now free of pain.

    "Okay, okay, it's good that you're fine now. Don't show off." Feng Jiu waved her hand and signalled for him to stay there. As soon as she had spoken, she was grabbed by Ning Lang and the rest.

    "Feng Jiu, do you have some magic medicine to heal bones? Give me a bottle! Or I can buy it from you too!" Ning Lang looked at him flatteringly. His fleshy hands twisted into a ball and thumped her shoulders.

    "I don't have any." She said dryly.

    "Why not? Look at his leg, it's healed. Don't be so stingy. I will buy it from you with money, so just sell it to us."

    "I really don't have any. I used my hands to heal him, not my medicine. Enough. Since you're all awake then you will stand guard and I will sleep." Having said that, she walked over to a tree and sat down beside it.


    Ning Lang was about to say something else but was stopped by Bi Shan.

    "Young Master Ning, my Master is tired, please let him rest!"

    It was after they heard this that Ning Lang and the rest had noticed that Feng Jiu's face looked a little pale. They found it strange but didn't ask anymore questions. Instead, they asked Bi Shan: "Tell us, how did he heal you? What medicine did he use? Remove the bandage on your leg and let me take a look."

    Bi Shan shook his head when he heard this: "No, if my Master wants to tell you he will tell you himself. Since he didn't tell you, then I can't say anything either. I will stand guard, you can do what you like!"

    Upon seeing that big guy refuse them so directly, they were shocked. They looked at each other but didn't say much. Okay! They were familiar with Feng Jiu's strange temper. Besides, she was full of secrets anyway, it was fine.

    Early the next morning, when the first ray of light shone on everyone, they washed their faces with water and rinsed their mouths. After they had something to eat, they prepared to leave.

    Feng Jiu looked at them: "The Spirit Forest is fine during the day. If we quicken our speed and travel in the right direction, we should be able to go through the forest in one day. Follow me!"

    They nodded and replied: "Yes."

    Along the way, Bi Shan became more and more amazed. At first, he thought that they were all pampered playboys. He hadn't expected that they were better than him at sensing the surrounding dangers in their environment and stronger than him.

    When they first came in, it had taken them a very long time to get through the Spirit Forest and they were constantly attacked by tree spirits. Now, they were used to it.

    What surprised him the most was the leadership ability of his new Master. There was no bargaining nor any hesitation at her commands. It was really impressive.

    When he thought of this, he knew that his decision to insist on following his new Master was the right thing.

    At first, he had thought about travelling on his own, he had no intention of returning to the Mercenary Team. He had only thought about staying by his Master's side to repay her because she had saved him. But the longer he spent with his Master, the more he realised that she was not just any ordinary person.
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