1411 This Is For You

    When she heard this, Shangguan Wanrong couldn't help being slightly startled. As she looked at the young lad kneeling on the ground saying that he missed his mother, she couldn't help but think: Did her daughter miss her too?

    When this thought passed through her mind, there was a touch of sadness in her eyes. Feng Xiao's memory was sealed and he didn't remember anything to do with her. How would he know of their daughter's existence?

    "You should go back now. And try to avoid those people." She said in a warm voice. When she was about to turn to leave, she saw that the palm of the young lad who had just stood up was scraped by the sand on the ground. Seeing this, she took out a bottle of medicine from within her sleeve.

    "This is for you to apply on your wound before you bandage it when you get back. It will heal faster."

    When Feng Jiu heard that, she accepted the bottle of medicine. However, before she could thank her, she had already turned around and leapt on her flying sword. She shouted hurriedly: "Martial Uncle Shangguan, please wait."

    Shangguan Wanrong turned her head and glanced at Feng Jiu: "Is there anything else?"

    "Thank you Martial Uncle Shangguan, for the medicine." She bowed respectfully, then asked: "Is Martial Uncle Shangguan attending the Secret Realm Medicine Gathering Experience?"

    "Well, Master has given orders that the five of us disciples will go along with him, so naturally I will be going as well."

    Saying that, she looked at Feng Jiu: "The lowest cultivation strength to enter the Secret Realm is the Golden Core stage. You are only at Foundation Formation stage so you won't be able to go." As soon as she had finished speaking, she said nothing else and left.

    When she heard this, Feng Jiu smiled as she looked at the departing figure and muttered: "Mother, I have long been a Nascent Soul stage cultivator."

    In the following days, she continued to deliver medicinal herbs to the Eighth Peak as per normal. If the Eighth Peak didn't need her, she spent her time at Chen Dao's. In comparison to the other alchemists who were busy preparing to enter the Secret Realm, Chen Dao slept till noon everyday and only practised alchemy when his interest was roused. Occasionally, when he was in a good mood, he would invite Feng Jiu to have a drink with him that evening.

    His friendship with Feng Jiu was purely because they got along well and could chat, he didn't treat Feng Jiu with any less respect because he was an errand boy. He also saw Feng Jiu's cunning and fun temperament, so when he was able to help her, he would do so.

    Just like this Secret Realm Medicine Gathering Experience trip.

    That evening, Feng Jiu had caught a Spirit Bamboo Rat and roasted it then brought it to Chen Dao's cave dwelling.

    "Senior Brother Chen? Senior Brother Chen? Look what I have brought for you." She called from outside the cave dwelling. When Chen Dao heard her, he opened the barrier and called out to her.

    "Come in."

    When she saw that the barrier had been opened, Feng Jiu walked inside quickly. When she entered, she saw Chen Dao filling up many bottles and pots. He took a huge sip and raised his head. His eyes were bright as he looked at Feng Jiu; "Isn't that the smell of Spirit Bamboo meat? It exudes the fragrance of the bamboo. Did you go and steal a Spirit Bamboo Rat?"

    "Hehe." Feng Jiu smiled slyly: "I was thinking, aren't we going to enter the Secret Realm tomorrow? So I thought I would go and catch another one. See, I've even roasted it and it's still hot!"

    "Not bad, you know me well!" He nodded appreciatively then stroked his moustache and said: "Sit down first, once I'm finished here i will have a drink with you."


    She responded and opened up the packet of roast meat then sat at the table waiting for him. After a while, a small package appeared in front of her.

    "This is for you." Chen Dao said and placed the small package in front of Feng Jiu, then he sat down at the table.
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