1180 Ning Lang Selling Frui

    For a moment, women on both sides were leaning out of the pavilions above them. Some threw the fruit down and some wrapped the fruit in their handkerchiefs and dropped them down. Fruit was flying all over and everyone in the street was dumbfounded.

    "Quick, catch them! Why are you just staring? Don't waste their good intentions." Song Ming said and patted the shoulders of his companions. He then pulled his sleeves up and caught the fruit that was being thrown down.

    "Oh, oh."

    Ning Lang also recovered from his daze. It just so happened that the stall next to him sold baskets, so he put a basket in each hand and caught the melon and fruit the women threw down from above them. Some of the girls on the street had even bought fruit and put it in his basket directly then ran away bashfully.

    "Okay, okay, don't throw anymore, don't throw anymore, we can't carry anymore."

    Ning Lang shouted and walked over to Feng Jiu with the two baskets full of fruits. Seeing that he was eating a fruit in his hand, he couldn't help but said: "Feng Jiu, there's so much, how can we finish eating them? Let's go quickly! Let's go to the lakeside pavilion for a rest."

    "Let's go!" Feng Jiu helped to carry one basket. They walked through the street and soon came to the pavilion by the lake.

    They put the fruit in the pavilion. Other than the two baskets Ning Lang had collected, the others had also collected pocketfuls of fruit. They shook their heads when they looked at the amount of fruit. They looked at Feng Jiu: "What should we do with so much fruit?"

    "Eat it! The fruit is quite fresh. It's crisp, juicy and sweet." She picked up another fruit and started eating it: "The girls nowadays are so enthusiastic. It's not my first time receiving fruit,"

    "Eat? How can we finish eating so much fruit?" Song Mong also picked up one and started eating: "If we keep it for too long, it will go bad."

    "That's simple, I have an idea." Ning Lang grinned and looked at them saying: "Look, there are so many tourists here. We can sell the fruit here!"

    Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu and the rest were stunned. They looked at him strangely and said: "If you want to sell the fruit, you do it, I'm not doing it."

    "I'm not selling either." Duan Ye shook his head.

    "I won't either." Luo Fei and Song Ming also said. They didn't lack money to the extent they had to sell fruit. They would be a laughing stock if people were to hear about this.

    Ning Lang laughed: "You're really not coming? Okay then! I will sell them by myself but I won't split the money I make."

    With that, he took a basket of fruit and stepped out of the pavilion. He looked at the tourists around him. As most of them were couples, he thought of an idea. He cleared his throat and shouted.

    "Lovers fruit! Lovers fruit!"

    "Lovers fruit? What lovers fruit?" A young couple walked over curiously. They were disappointed when they saw the fresh fruit.

    "This is lovers fruit! A green fruit and a red fruit makes a pair. It's fruit only sold to lovers. If a couple doesn't look like a pair of lovers, I won't sell them." Ning Lang said with a smile. He picked up a pair of fruit and handed it forward: "Young Master, buy a pair! Treat this elegant and beautiful girl to a lovers fruit which is sweet, crisp and delicious!"

    Ning Lang was naturally chubby and flattering, now that he had said this speech, not just the woman, but even man couldn't help but listen to him and feel happy. He looked at the woman beside him and smiled saying: "Then sell us a pair!"
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