1181 One gold coin

    "Alright, thanks for your patronage, it's one gold coin." He handed over the fruit while smiling with his eyes narrowed to a squint.

    "What, what? These two pieces of fruit are worth one gold coin? Are you robbing me?" That man was aghast, even his facial expression changed drastically. In the main street, he could get a catty of fruits with a silver coin. Here, two pieces of fruit would cost one gold coin?

    If he said silver coins, then that's okay. But, gold coin? Was this person a money-grubber?

    "No, no. It's just a gold coin, which is already a very favourable and cheap price." Ning Lang informed them. "These two fruits themselves are not expensive. They are valuable because they're lovers' fruits in my hands. So, it's different. Do you know who I am? Of course, the fruits can't be sold at an ordinary price because I, having such status, am here selling them."

    Ning Lang smiled with his eyes narrowed. Seeing the man's tense face and the woman's head slightly bowed, he spoke again, "Besides, I think Young Master is very noble and isn't in dire straits financially. Also, you're buying it for this beautiful girl. Isn't it worth spending a gold coin to invite her to eat lovers' fruit?"

    Feng Jiu and the others who sat in the pavilion were also stunned. This fatty was robbing people's money! And it was done openly, promoting his stuff to customers like hitting a snake at its centre and captured the minds of the couple. Not to mention one gold coin for these two fruits, even ten gold coins, the man had to buy them. Otherwise, they reckon that the couple would break up as soon as they went back.

    Was this selling lovers' fruit? If the fruits weren't sold, the pair of lovers would break up.

    Several people in the pavilion sat and watched as they ate the fruits. At last, the man bought a pair of fruits and left. The woman was happy. Even though the man was a little depressed in his heart, he could only walk away with a smile.

    It was probably the most expensive ordinary fruit he had ever bought.

    "Look, I've earned one gold coin."

    Ning Lang turned around and smiled at them proudly. He hawked his wares again and people came over one after another. The end was all the same. Some of them were happy to buy while some others felt aggrieved at the purchase. However, at last, Ning Lang sold out all the fruits, even the ones in the pavilion.

    Feng Jiu and the others sincerely admired Ning Lang who was currently sitting and counting gold coins. The Little Fatty deserved his money-grubber name. He could make money anywhere, earning so much from those fruits. It's truly amazing.

    "I'm perfectly satisfied, being able to make so much money from strolling in the night market." Ning Lang put away each gold coin carefully. "Especially, because I don't need to share it with you guys, hahaha."

    "Alright, it's getting late. Let's go back and take rest!"

    Feng Jiu shook her head and stood up. They all saw him feeling very happy, but on the other side, many people walked out with tense faces. He made a lot of money selling these fruits, but many people felt that they got cheated.

    In fact, what he said wasn't unreasonable. He was the son of the richest man. As for buying fruits, the things that passed his hands naturally couldn't be sold at the market price. Let alone a gold coin, the price could even start at 100 gold coins. However, the buyers at that time wouldn't be commoners but those who knew his identity and wanted to worm their way into being friends with him. They were happy to spend a hundred gold coins to make contacts.

    "Mm, let's go back to get a good sleep and take rest for a few days. Then, we'll go to the academy." Ning Lang said cheerfully.
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