1182 Leaving without saying goodbye

    They went back to the inn for a rest. Their state of mind that was previously so tense at this period of time relaxed completely after lying on their beds in this city's inn. As a result, they fell asleep quickly.

    The next day, early in the morning, Feng Jiu left the inn quietly with Bi Shan.

    Outside the inn, Bi Shan asked, "Master, why didn't you say goodbye to those Young Masters? What if they get up and can't find you?"

    "We'll have to part sooner or later. It doesn't matter whether I bid them farewell or not. In any case, they knew that I was leaving." Feng Jiu explained while turning towards the street where only a few civilians were there in the early morning. "Let's go!"

    "Yes." Bi Shan responded and left with her.

    After one year of getting along with Feng Jiu, Duan Ye and others had no idea that Feng Jiu was a woman. They didn't know that they had been calling her as a "he", it was actually a "she".

    If even Duan Ye and his friends didn't know about it at all, let alone Bi Shan who just followed Feng Jiu midway. Even if he recognized Feng Jiu as his master, he didn't know that she was actually a woman, not to mention her identity as Ghost Doctor or her strength that had reached Nascent Soul.

    He only knew and identified Feng Jiu as the person who saved him. She gave him a new life, so he was willing to protect her with his life.

    It wasn't until noon that Duan Ye and the others at the inn woke up one after another. Right after they had washed and rinsed, left their rooms and sat on the first floor to order something to eat, they found that all four of them were present, but Feng Jiu and Bi Shan were nowhere to be seen.

    "What about Feng Jiu? It's unlikely that he's still not awake yet, right?" Ning Lang looked around but couldn't find Feng Jiu. He stood up. "You order some good food first. I'll go up and take a look."

    Luo Fei and the others nodded and called the waiter to order several dishes and bowls of rice.

    Ning Lang went up to the second floor's guest room and knocked on Feng Jiu's door. He called out, "Feng Jiu? Are you already awake? We're all up and waiting for you to eat."

    "Feng Jiu?" He knocked a bit too strongly that the door was immediately open. He went in. "Feng Jiu?"

    He didn't see her inside or outside the room, and neither was Cloud Devouring Beast there. Stunned, Ning Lang was about to go find the innkeeper to inquire, but he saw the man come into the room.

    "Young Master, the Young Master who stayed here had already left at dawn." The innkeeper explained.

    "Left?!" Ning Lang was flabbergasted and raised his voice slightly.

    "Yes, he went at first light, together with his guard. They have been gone for many hours now." The innkeeper answered and left the room.

    Ning Lang strode out immediately, walked down with brisk steps and came to Duan Ye and others. "The innkeeper said that Feng Jiu had already left. There's no one in his room. This isn't nice. Why didn't he let us know? That's too bad that he's leaving silently like this."

    Several of them were sitting at the table drinking wine. He couldn't see their expressions and only listened to what they were saying. "We heard your conversation with the innkeeper. You don't need to tell us. He had said earlier that he was leaving, but it was unexpected that it would be this quick."

    Ning Lang sat down in silence. His heart was a little queasy. After so long together, he suddenly left. They didn't know where to find him. They all felt bad just thinking about it.

    "Where do you think he is going now? Will he really go to a first grade country?" Song Ming asked curiously.
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