1183 Entering Heaven’s Prayer Country

    "I think he's going there, but I don't know for what purpose?" Song Ming was lost in thought. What matter requires Feng Jiu to personally attend to as Ghost Doctor?

    "No matter what, we'll go to the academy first, and after going home, we'll go to the First Star Academy to report. As far as our families are concerned, we can enter the First Star Academy directly so long as we wish. Besides, with our current cultivation level, I reckon that few in the academy are comparable to us."

    "That's true. Let's do it! Finish eating first and we'll set out."

    They put aside the matter of Feng Jiu's departure for the time being. After a year of gaining experience outside, they followed Feng Jiu to increase their knowledge and have so many experiences. Their nature and characters were transformed and their thinking was more long-term.

    They knew that Feng Jiu was bound to go to the Eight Supreme Empires. In that case, they would go there too! They were the ones he brought out. How could he go and they stay put at this side?

    Half a month later.

    Feng Jiu brought Bi Shan to enter the first grade country, the Heaven's Prayer Country. They arrived at the Imperial City where the Shangguan clan was located.

    Even in the Imperial City of a powerful first-grade country, Feng Jiu, garbed in her red dress and looked very beautiful, was still very ravishing. While standing in line to enter the city gate, she stood out from the crowd like a crane in a flock of chicken. She was so dazzling and conspicuous that people could see her in the crowd at a glance.

    At her feet was the snow-white Cloud Devouring Beast and behind her was Bi Shan dressed in black. Bi Shan was sturdy with a tough and stocky build. His imposing stature behind Feng Jiu was like a small mountain.

    Because of the large number of people entering the city, he closely guarded Feng Jiu and kept some unknown people away. Coincidentally, he was also a registered mercenary in Heaven's Prayer Country's mercenary guild. He used to live in the Imperial City, but unexpectedly, his master would come to the place he was familiar with.

    The first grade country had a restriction making those who were not from the first grade country couldn't enter as they'd like. However, when following behind, he watched his master step forward, handed in a command token and was allowed to pass while being treated deferentially. He was a little surprised but didn't ask any more questions.

    He knew, however, that as a guard he couldn't show too much interest much in his master's affairs.

    "Bi Shan, didn't you say you grew up here? Then it's up to you to choose an inn to stay." Feng Jiu walked with leisurely steps, looking at the shops on the left and right and the small stalls on the street from time to time.


    Bi Shan replied. "Master, there is an inn at the front. It's regarded to have a long-standing reputation in this Imperial City. Although its price is twice as high as an ordinary inn, it has the best ambience and service. We can book a room first, and then I'll show Master around the city proper. All the scenic spots in the city are familiar to this Subordinate."

    "Mm, alright then! Lead the way and look for the inn first."

    "Yes." Bi Shan replied and brought Feng Jiu to the inn ahead.

    As soon as Feng Jiu entered the city, people from almost all the influential clans received the news. After all, Ghost Doctor's name was too loud. All the various forces in the first grade country's Imperial City had Ghost Doctor's portrait in their hands much earlier. Therefore, they had been sending people to keep an eye on the gates of the Imperial City. Once they spotted the Ghost Doctor coming to their Imperial City, they had to report back as soon as possible.

    Therefore, when they went to the inn, the spies of the great power and the influential clans also reported back quickly.
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